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wdhpr 16. Mar 2009 11:01 PM

4 Reasons people are not using linux
I for one believe Linux has been around long enough to attract many new users. I have read various threads on the subject and I can not pin down any one specific reason why more people have not at least partitioned a piece of their hard drive and installed A linux OS.

I would love to see a greater interest in the linux platform. I can think of numerous reason for at least having a linux os on ones hard drive.
In contrast I also understand why people haven't abandoned windows altogether.

My question is why people are reluctant to at least give linux a try?

The premise of this question deals with the development of the various linux platforms and what issues should be taken into consideration when developing these platforms. What can be done to attract more users.

I honestly believe a better windows platform will evolve in parallel with a larger interest in linux :rolleyes:


bk_7312 17. Mar 2009 02:37 PM

I think I can agree with you. I've found an article about the 'myths' of Linux and what people tend to think about Linux. It's quite interesting and it's worth a read. There's one question I'd like to ask, "Linux doesn't provide any technical support like Microsoft does". I'm just curious, how many people actually used Microsoft's support and how often. To tell the truth, I've never even know Microsoft has technical supports until I've read that article:D.

It's at

jim 17. Mar 2009 08:45 PM

I must admit I know nothing about Linux. I understand (from what I am told) that it does just about everything that Windows does and is better and safer. However, (and once again this is just something I am told), the one thing it does not do is run games. Now my wife and I are of the "Silver Surfer" generation. Well my beard is silver - I don't have much hair. I love tinkering with software and editing the registry etc. etc. but for relaxation we play games. Tomb Raider, Max Payne and so on. As a result, when I had to upgrade and buy a new laptop for her and a desktop for me they both had to be capable for game playing. Now if you tell me I am wrong and that Linux DOES play all these games I feel great fun coming on in uninstalling Windows, installing Linux..............

wdhpr 17. Mar 2009 09:59 PM

Linux has tons of games and they are free
Hi Jim

First I would hold off uninstalling windows. Linux has many open source games. Some in my opinion are very good. However you will not easily find the newest and latest Windows games being played on linux platforms.
The reason is, (most) game software developers write their programs for windows.

You can not use off the shelf windows software on a linux platform.
There is a caveat.

A utility called Wine has been developed to allow cross platform use of software between windows and linux. Wine is in constant development and its website list the windows software including games its capable of supporting.

To be clear I am no expert with Linux. I been using linux for two years now. I have it installed on one of my hard drive partitions.
I still use window as my primary OS with linux available via a dual boot setup.

I am trying to encourage more interest in linux and would love to see Windows get a kick in their butts by showing them they have some serious competition :D

My advise is take it slow. You can even use a bootable CD version of linux
without writing anything to your hard drive. Go to DistroWatch website and read up on the various linux platforms before trying one.

In my opinion linux has come a long way and still has a way to go yet.
It is not ready for the average user like my great aunt Gertrude .
However if you enjoy tinkering around with computers I encourage you to give linux a test drive. You will know if you are ready to drop windows.


jim 18. Mar 2009 12:36 AM

Thanks. Will look into that.

Jojo Yee 18. Mar 2009 03:15 AM

Pre-installed OS
I've seen many brand new PCs, notebooks or netbooks are pre-installed with M$ Windows, very few of them are pre-installed with Linux. On certain cases, if you look for certain models of computers, they are only available with Win pre-installed, none of them would sell without.

This is also one of the reasons why most people are not using Linux, as they have already got one OS installed, and not many of them will look for the second OS, not many, or rather, I'd say, few of them will.

wdhpr 18. Mar 2009 03:36 AM

Possible choice of OS on new computers
Hello Jojoyee

I would love to see new computers with a choice of Linux or windows. This may require some of the more popular linux distro's colluding together and making a good argument for computer makers to do so.


bk_7312 19. Mar 2009 10:23 AM

If manufacturers would pre-install Linux in new computers, user wouldn't face the so-called "difficult" installation process (which is IMO, quite easy and straight forward) since it's already pre-installed. That would be great but considering the number of different Linux distros available, I'm not sure how they're going to make it work.

Anupam 19. Mar 2009 12:29 PM

I think that the main problem with Linux is the huge number of distros available. If a user wants to try Linux out, he would be overwhelmed by the number of distros, and confused too, as to which one he should choose. The diversity acts more to the disadvantage of Linux, since each distro has its own package manager, or other things different to the other distros. This makes it quite difficult. In contrast, there is only Windows to choose in case of MS Windows. If someone wants to go for Windows, he would just go for XP, or Vista, and there is not much difference in the way they operate, or the way they manage things.

And Linux is really not for the average users at all. Things are not simple, right from installation. Although things are improving, and tasks are being more and more simpler, but still, the fact remains that, the real power of Linux lies in the command line. That's its USP. And that thing won't change I think. To utilize the full power of Linux, you have got to make use of the command line. And that is not for average users. To use Linux, certain amount of knowledge, and reading, about Linux, about its command line, about its style of operation... its necessary to know that.

Thats why its still being difficult for Linux to become a main-stream OS, or OS for normal/average users, like windows. But still, all these points do not
hinder the fact that Linux is a great and excellent OS... its secure, its powerful, its efficient, in the hands of the one who knows about it.
Most people might not know, but internet was started because of Unix. Almost all of the web servers today are Unix/Linux machines.

Linux will stay, but to reach an OS status like Windows and permeate into the mainstream to reach normal users, there is still time for it. Hope the things improve soon.

Spook 19. Mar 2009 10:05 PM

I think a main reason is that a lot of people use their systems for gaming, and almost none of the games have *nix variants.

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