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debtboy 10. Dec 2009 01:13 AM

Google Chrome for Linux released:
It's still Beta, but I've been using it and...

Not exactly my cup of tea :(, performance is OK,
but I still prefer GNU Icecat, Firefox and Seamonkey

Here is the story:

Jojo Yee 10. Dec 2009 05:21 AM

Thanks for the good news, debtboy.

It's a 12MB download from

Will try it out.

Jojo Yee 12. Dec 2009 04:23 PM

Official Chrome Extensions
The beta version which I downloaded is

It installs smoothly in Ubuntu 9.10, and imports my bookmarks from Firefox upon first run.

Looks good. So either running in Windoze or Ubuntu Linux, my two favourite browsers, Chrome and Firefox, are available now, one for best speed, the other for best extensions. :)

AND lots of official Chrome Extensions are available now. Check it out.

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