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Jojo Yee 10. Nov 2009 04:32 PM

Ubuntu -- Take Screenshot
Ubuntu comes with a "Take Screenshot" function in the Accessories.

It looks good as you can grab the whole desktop, current active window or a fixed area, with a time delay setting. Effects to include pointer or window border or drop shadow. :)

All looks good, except that when I choose an active window, the screenshot doesn't include the window frame. :eek: After some research, chewearn's blog says this problem was reported two years ago (or nearly three years counting from the new version 9.10 now). Still not fixed by Ubuntu. :eek:

And he can come out with his own script to get it solved. I've not tried the script yet.

Any other better choice?

Jojo Yee 11. Nov 2009 02:58 AM

I came across Shutter (previously Gscrot) which is commented to be better than Gnome's basic screenshot application (Gnome-screenshot) and KDE's KSnapshot. Will give it a try soon.

Jojo Yee 11. Nov 2009 02:14 PM

Shutter is available for download directly from Ubuntu Software Center. After download, it is automatically added to the Accessories list.

Shutter performs much better than "Take Screenshot" (Gnome-screenshot) I mentioned in the earlier post.

It allows capturing full screen, active window, window objects, or a fixed rectangular area. The captured object can be presented in GIMP image editor directly for resizing, etc. With Shutter, a window image is captured with a window frame as the user is usually looking for.

IMO, this should be included as a default screen capture tool rather than Gnome screenshot in Ubuntu 9.10.

I'm considering to add Shutter as an alternative program suitable for Linux users in the article Best Free Screen Capture Utility.

Jojo Yee 17. Nov 2009 03:45 AM

I've added Shutter in Best Free Screen Capture Utility.

After installing Ubuntu Linux, I'll try out other software products for Linux and update them in the articles maintained by me.

It so happened today that an anon mentioned WALLY for wallpaper changer in the comment. This will be my next review.

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