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Default Would like to make bootable KDE Neon on SSD via USB

With help from MX friends, did managed to install MX KDE onto an SSD connected via usb (bootable from any computer):

"MX Install" to external drive with enabled UEFI and BIOS booting.

Boot in UEFI from a MX LiveUSB.

Prepare partition layout of the external drive in Gparted:

1st: Device -> Create Partition Table: GPT ( not MSDOS !)

2nd: Create partition: bios_grub (this is needed to smoothly allow BIOS booting on GPT):
Size: 1MB
File system: unformatted (scroll down to last entry),
Partition name: bios_grub
Label: leave empty
Click: Apply all Operations!
Right-Click or Menu->Partition: Manage flags: select "bios_grub" (important!)

3rd Create partition: ESP (EFI System partion"
create: 512 MB, format Fat32
Partion name "espUSB", File system label "espUSB"
Manage flags: select "esp+boot" (important!)

4th Create further partitions as needed :
next partitions:
boot ext4 512MB (only needed for encrypted install,otherwise ignore)
root ext4 32GB or bigger
home ext4 nnGB
label all partitions accordingly
E.g. I used rootUSB, homeUSB

Now run the "MX Installer"

and select the prepared partitions for root, and home on the USB device
On GRUB install select "ESP" and partition "espUSB"
When the Installer has finshed do not reboot yet "un-select" to reboot on the last screen.

Now, to prepare BIOS booting:
Open "MX Boot Repair"
and install Grub loader for BIOS booting
Only select "re-install" GRUB, and select MBR of the USB-device.

- - - - -

KDE Neon's "boot repair" options are quite different from MX and i really don't know which options to click on. Did post at KDE Neon forum, but everyone seems to be busy...

Booting from an SSD via usb is so much better (for me) than dual booting with Windows and i like KDE Neon's "rolling" kind of release style.
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