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Question Installing ArcoLinux - bios, UEFI settings

After listening to DT give his top 5 for 2020, ending up with ArcoLinux, i was curious to see what was so special about this Arch based system.

On this page about BIOS and UEFI settings in dual boot situation:

It says:
Make sure that Intel Smart Response Technology (SRT) is disabled.

Maybe a naive question, but does it mean that INTEL backdoors are blocked?

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Btw, agree with DT - have never seen so many video tutorials for a Linux distro like this one before.

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Choice is a nice thing to have but this seems like a whole load of waffle unless you really like messing around with Linux innards. Anything Arch based at some point is gonna end up with a selection from here most of which average users will not be able to fix.

It therefore beats me why on earth so many people install systems like this or Endeavour or Manjaro and then moan in the forums when something stops working.

If you want a fast system that works every time you switch it on and you don’t need to chew your fingernails to the bone during updates then just do a non-free ISO net install of Debian 10 KDE and relax.
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