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Default Linux vs Android OS?

I haven't liked Linux since I used it almost 15 years ago (yes, I know things have changed, and admittedly, I haven't kept up with changes) with the drawbacks from linux (back then) was I hated the software update (having no central place for all of them) and limited software

But recently while trying out android emulators, I came across a few android OS builds and they aren't bad. They are kind of like the ChromeOS on chromebooks without the chrome integration.

So far, the Android OS hasn't been that bad, I use it on a bootable USBdrive but I may put it on a partition drive later on to multiboot it.

If someone doesn't care for the commands inputs on linux, is there any drawbacks from running android? yeah yeah, I know the security issue comes up, but how different is it if it isn't user's bad habits?

edit: the android version is outdated though, so it won't support the newest apps. I don't mind this drawback considering I'm using firefox 52 on windows. >.>

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This might interest you.
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