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Default A Calculation that really adds up

When you work as often as I do with Linux you pretty soon get used to separating the fun side from the work side. Basically 95% of average home users can install whichever distro appeals most and have few if any issues. The exception being Arch based rolling releases which despite the fanboy 5* ratings will at best annoy you and at worst break your system with an update. The latter usually comes with pretty quick solutions accompanied by the usual nose-in-the-air forum posts from Linux ‘experts’ demanding that you should have ‘read the wiki’ or checked the forum first before updating. Not a lot of initial use for the average Joe stuck looking at his black screen and blinking cursor.

So, where else to go if Mint, Manjaro and their various spawn do not fully meet the expectations of the working home user and those who really do want something fast and stable as opposed to something that just says it is?

The obvious solution having rejected Arch is pure Debian. The fact packages run out of date more quickly with Debian are hardy going to inconvenience anyone especially if stability is your main objective.

There is however another and IMO better solution and that is to look at Gentoo, or rather one of its ‘based on’ derivatives since the vanilla system is likely to challenge even the keenest of enthusiasts.

No point here in listing the virtues of Gentoo based systems since there are plenty of reviews and comments already online. Suffice to say that with a minimum of additional grief at the outset you will end up with a custom tailored system that is far less likely to break than Manjaro.

Sabayon is the most likely candidate to be unearthed in search results but IMO Calculate Linux is a better alternative if not so widely known. Yes it’s a Russian system but unlike the Tupolev Tu-144 it’s not likely to crash. 2-3 years lifetime is pretty good for a Linux system and this one’s been around for 12.

Lets not forget also the excellent ROSA system which is also Russian and still one of the best available no matter how far it appears down the less than useless DistroWatch ‘chart’.

The Calculate installer is very comprehensive and inexperienced Linux users might benefit from having a trial run on a spare machine if they have one, or on their main machine if this is possible. That said the default settings will suit most users and everything will work out of the box. On my own system I needed to ‘emerge ffmpegthumbs’ and same for just a few other programs that were critical for my workflow.

Interested? Then use balenaEtcher to burn a live session USB and see how Calculate adds up for you.
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