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George.J 18. Jan 2019 05:54 AM

Beautiful Linux
I was planning to install Linux on my Wife's laptop. However I have had very little experience trying out the multitude of distro's out there.

She basically wants a good looking OS with all the basic features. For her the interface is a priority and having a good software repository is a plus.

What would you recommend in this case?

danielson 18. Jan 2019 03:07 PM

That's a big question George.J !

- - - - -

LinuxMint is often recommended for an "out of the box" experience for newbies.
If i'm not mistaken, its Cinnamon edition requires 4Gs of RAM to run it.

- - - - -

From past experience, some distros that do well for others don't necessarily work that well for me. So, i think it's kind of a hit and miss situation.

MidnightCowboy 18. Jan 2019 03:58 PM

If looks are important the best way forward is to surf this thread from the last post back. Everything on view here is mostly nothing like the default distro appears after install but can be achieved with a few minutes work.

Doing this will likely identify a desktop preference after which recommendations for a distro shipping with said DE will be much easier.

... and I'm around to assist with achieving any of the specific 'looks' seen in the screenshots. :)

EldonW 18. Jan 2019 08:48 PM

I really like the look of Q4OS Scorpion 2.7.

MidnightCowboy 18. Jan 2019 10:05 PM


Originally Posted by EldonW (Post 124922)
I really like the look of Q4OS Scorpion 2.7.

Trinity is IMO neglected as a desktop probably because it's based on KDE3 and now regarded as 'old' although trinity itself continues to evolve.

Exe Linux is the only other distro I know of that ships with it as standard which is a shame.

The screenshot you linked to contains quite a few customizations and even seasoned users familiar with say the latest KDE or Xfce will find navigating the settings somewhat frustrating, mainly because you can change pretty much everything. It is worth the effort though.

George.J 22. Mar 2019 06:17 AM

I settled with Manjaro Deepin. That is one good looking Linux.:cool:

I find myself using Deepin more than Windows these days. Much better than Windows in every aspect that most of my Steam Games works on it too.

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