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danielson 30. Mar 2017 01:45 PM

Browser safer on Linux?
Linux has always been touted as highly immune to viruses.
But, with anti-malware taking the limelight, can the same still hold?

Burn-IT 30. Mar 2017 03:44 PM

Most attacks nowadays are browser based and are concerned with getting private information rather than OS based. Even those that are directed at the machine tend to be very low level and machine rather than OS based. A machine code virus won't care what OS you are running.

danielson 30. Mar 2017 04:16 PM


Think the other day, there was a report about Google Chrome being more secure than the others. It was a hacking contest if i'm not mistaken.
Does this just mean that the browser is less hackable or can it also mean that it is also more able to deflect these recent webpage hacking methods?

Burn-IT 03. Apr 2017 12:50 PM

It won in a browser war contest, but that in itself is meaningless in the real world.
The attacks were designed (I suspect) to show the results they got.

rolou 04. Apr 2017 11:22 PM

No system is more immune to viruses or hackers than another but the most recent versions of Windows are demonstrably more secure than the earlier ones.
Linux users only represent a miniscule percentage of total users so is largely ignored by the bad guys but to think it is safer is nonsense. As it gains in popularity it will surely command their attention.
I run both Linux and Windows on my computers and whilst I think Linux has still got a long way to go to match the recent Windows 10 versions it is clearly a work in progress with much potential.

danielson 05. Apr 2017 01:45 AM

Probably as you say rolou.
With those who upgraded to and those who went into Windows 10, passively accepting the aggressive promotions, ads etc.; unless Linux comes up with something big that Windows can't do, don't think it will ever make it big dent.

Btw, welcome to Gizmo's forum rolou!

rolou 05. Apr 2017 10:09 AM

Thanks for the welcome.
Being long retired I can only offer my own rather limited personal experiences but I am rather surprised by the comments "those who went into Windows 10, passively accepting the aggressive promotions, ads etc" because despite readily accepting the free upgrades from W8 to 8.1, 10 and the two big updates (Anniversary and now Creators) I have never seen a MS promotion (let alone aggressive) or a single ad of any kind.
There is an option in the settings to accept ads and offers from MS and their partners but it can simply be refused.

danielson 05. Apr 2017 11:44 AM

Saw an ad once on Windows Explorer - once too many.
Was mostly referring to aggressive push of Windows 10, without option to say "no" at first (but for a long time).

If Linux can re-invent security so that user data stays with the user.
Then maybe it'll have a good chance.

If Linux could speed up the transmission of data... naw.
We can dream!

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