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wdhpr 18. Mar 2017 04:35 AM

Software development chaos
I read an article by dedoimedo exploring software development which he aptly named Modern software development is cancer. Bare in mind I've been reading articles by the man for years mostly his reviews of new Linux distros. Since I've became dissatisfied with the newer distros I only visit his website from time to time to see how or if, Linux is progressing.

So the reason for this thread is how dedoimedo captured my interest on likely reasons for the decline of Linux. Come to think of it, it could explain why I'm still using Kubuntu 14 and prefer Win7 over Win10. Although IMO Win10 is a heck of allot better than the newer Linux crap that's been coming out.

Back to the article, I feel he nailed it with how development has taken priority over what users are looking for. I've always believed in the 'Keep it Simple' principal and elegance over technical complexity. Anyway its a good read, I recommend ya all take a look.

Remah 18. Mar 2017 10:26 AM

wdhpr, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

It encapsulates so much I would like to say.

This reminds me of much of the concerns in this forum. We sit here fretting over our systems, as Dedoimedo says.


Every day, I spend hours sitting in front of a computer, doing all sorts of things. A non-insignificant portion of my precious time is spent fretting, wondering when my browser, office suite, desktop environment, or even the operating system itself will suddenly stop working, because some software developer decided they are bored. I don't know if people in the olden age felt this way with their trains, radios, coaches, or whatever, but I doubt it. This Year 2000 kindergarten bull***t needs to stop. Once software development fades into the quiet background it deserves, and companies re-focus on the user, we will see an upsurge in creativity, quality, and fun.
I fret about my posts falling foul of the forum censor here:


MidnightCowboy 18. Mar 2017 11:37 AM

IMO this goes much deeper than just software development. It’s a society thing. I well remember for example how the current sales techniques became redundant with every new scheme to come out of America to the UK and how many folks were making a mint promoting these at seminars and in-house training workshops. I can’t complain too much because I was one of them. :D In every aspect of modern life, standing still is dead and a sign of weakness. Everything has to ‘develop’ and be ‘moving forward’ no matter what the cost, and the crinkly mouthed developers responsible for all this somehow manage to convince themselves their second rate results are an improvement. Folks are more stressed and less happy than they have ever been, traditional family life is disintegrating, people have more debt, work longer and harder and have to retire later. This is not development. It’s no surprise to me as a former psychologist that some of the worst affected were those members of the Greek communities that endured years of austerity courtesy of their governments ineptitude and the IMF. It’s also no surprise that those of them who then walked away from modern life and formed cooperatives based on bartering are now less stressed and happier than most of the rest of society. :) In short, humans are ‘developing’ away from the evolutionary model they were designed for and the forecast is not good unless you can move to the Galapagos.

wdhpr 19. Mar 2017 12:32 AM


Folks are more stressed and less happy than they have ever been, traditional family life is disintegrating, people have more debt, work longer and harder and have to retire later.
That is the most tangible part of the story. Its seems progress no matter the cost or effectiveness. When you finally make it to the top and you can then stop clawing and fighting your way to the finish line. You have all the money you will need and the stuff it provides, its then you examine the full measure of your life and It hits you, its the simple things in life you miss the most, love and family along with the happiness it brings. where did it go you wonder, Sadly its then you realize, its been replaced with the stuff that never really mattered in the end.

Jojo Yee 19. Mar 2017 01:06 AM

Maybe development is just a small step towards evolution, which has a big question in its own shell. :D

"Evolution In A Nutshell -- Did we get better or did we get worse? Have we advanced technology, or become enslaved by it? You decide!"


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