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Originally Posted by torres-no-tan-magnifico View Post
Scroll down to page 4 of the PDF for MX-16 system requirements:
Thank you torres. This looks good but I think I'd be better off with something lighter.
Originally Posted by Panzer View Post
I have decided to try Puppy Linux and Linux Lite, and see which one works better for me. Thank you Panzer.
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I tried Puppy on my Asus notebook, which has 3 gig RAM but a 1ghz CPU and struggles horribly to run Windows.

Puppy runs very smoothly and loads quickly from flash drive, I'm impressed. But I can't get any sound and really, don't much like the environment. Hard to describe exactly, of course part of that is just unfamiliarity. But it's things like navigating to different drives, especially from within programs. And the media players that come with Puppy tell me error when I try to play an MP3. Which I guess might be connected to the soundcard issue.

I googled re the soundcard issue and found a solution which activated the volume control in the systray but I still have no sound. It's a standard on-board Realtek HD soundcard.

Anyway I wasn't posting about that really, I just wondered what alternatives to Puppy I might try. Distros that run from RAM and ideally some way to put it on my HDD so I don't need the flash drive every time I boot my notebook.

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