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Default Grub not booting Windows

As mentioned in my other thread, I installed Linux Mint to dual boot with Windows 10. After installing Mint I followed Jojo's article to install Grub Customizer and set Windows to boot first. To cut the chase, this is where I am having a problem - I cannot get Windows to boot, at least not from the Grub menu. Just in case I am doing something wrong, here is a screenshot of my settings in Grub Customizer...

As you can see, I have selected the only Windows entry in the dropdown list. I then hit the Save button and exited via File→Exit. When I boot my computer I am taken to a dark screen with 4 entries, i.e....
  • Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon 64-bit
  • Advanced options for Linux Mint Cinnimon 64-bit
  • Windows Boot Manager (on /dev/sda2) [This entry is hightlighted by default]
  • System setup
I am assuming this is the Grub menu. So far, so good I think. However, when I hit Enter (with the Windows entry already highlighted) I am taken to another dark screen with the following text...
file path: /ACPI(a0341d0,0)/PCI(2,1f)/Sata(0,0,0)/HD(2,e1800,32000,094eafafeb3db04e,2,2)/File(\EFI\Microsoft\Boot)/File(bootmgfw.efi)/EndEntire
error: cannot load image.

Press any key to continue...
No matter how many times I try to boot from the Windows entry it will fail and I will return to this screen/message. I may be wrong but I believe this message means Grub had a problem either finding or executing the Windows boot loader. Am I right?

Nevertheless, if I select Setup from the menu it boots into the UEFI. Furthermore, if I then change the boot order in the UEFI so that Windows is first, my computer bypasses the Grub menu and boots into Windows directly. In other word, I can boot into Windows after all, just not from the Grub menu.

One last piece of information which may play a part in solving this issue. When I was installing Mint I basically followed the instructions in this article (minus the creation of the Home partition). Near the end of the article, the author recommended I change the "Device for boot loader installation: to /dev/sda2 which is the Windows EFI boot partition. (See graphic below). And yes, I checked and it is the same on my computer so I went along with the instructions.

Did I do bad to follow the article mentioned above? Am I screwed? Is there any way to fix this so that Grub will work as it's suppose to?

All suggestions and inputs would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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Check if you've disabled SecureBoot Joe.

The Grub menu looks good to me, except that it may prompt you that error message if it chainloads Windows from the Grub menu with SecureBoot enabled. See this reported bug which affects many users.
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You are an absolute genius Jojo. Thank you, thank you.

Now me. I really don't understand how Secure Boot got turned back on, honestly. I turned it off to install Mint and don't remember touching it after that. Anyway, I am just happy the problem is solved now.
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I have had a similar problem in the last few weeks dual booting Linux Mint 17.3 and Windows 7. It seems that the problem was caused by a Windows 7 update and the following change was needed in the Asus UEFI BIOS. Enter the Boot section of the BIOS > enter Secure Boot then change 'Windows UEFI mode' to 'Other OS'. Save and exit the BIOS. Following this change the Windows option in the GRUB dual boot menu actually works rather than throwing up the "/EndEntire file path .... error:cannot load image" type of message. I was alerted to the problem caused by this Windows update by a recent article in the UK magazine magazine ComputerActive. The error is due to Windows, not GRUB, in this case, and is particularly associated with ASUS BIOS/motherboards (like mine) but according to the magazine article "could affect any make of PC and any version of Windows". If you are just running Windows you get an error message when you try to boot, telling you to make the above change in the BIOS. I hope this post may help other people who have recently suffered problems of this sort.
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