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Default ThinkWiki for Lenovo/IBM ThinkPads

I just realized that I've been using this site but never seen it referred to at Gizmos. So for all you ThinkPad users here is ThinkWiki .
This is ThinkWiki, the Wiki Web for IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad users. Here you find anything you need to install your favourite Linux distribution on your ThinkPad. Windows users shouldn't run away, there's a lot of useful information for them as well.
All the extra information about ThinkPads is very useful. It is clearly writing for Linux users but there is a lot there for Windows users as well.

In the past month I have used it twice:
- Detailed info about controlling the fans to deal with overheating. I installed tpfancontrol to deal with the problem
- I stumbled on the useful information that my ThinkPad can have 8GB RAM instead of the 4GB RAM maximum in the hardware specification. The official spec assumes a 32-bit OS whereas 8GB is usable in a 64-bit OS. Interestingly enough, some memory manufacturers show the 4GB official limit but also note that 8GB works too.
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