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Default Is Linux a "firewall" against Equation Group ?

News brings forth more security issues with Kaspersky revealing things about Equation Group.

At about the 5min. 30sec. mark of this recent Corbett Report there is a comment about it.

What is your take on this?
Can Linux be a better defense than Windows for this latest security breach?
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Intricate exploits like this are government generated and target mainly other governments or the systems of foreign installations or manufacturing groups. This is not to say they can't be used against individuals but these would hardly be the likes of you or me.

Linux is not immune to exploits but these are mostly targeted at server systems and anything related to home users would need either physical access to a machine(s) or the user(s) to act outside of how the default system is designed, such as running as root or installing software from outside the official repositories. I think most home users are worried their data might be stolen or their system held to ransom and I have never seen a report for this whereby a Linux home system had been compromised.

I live in one of the most corrupt countries in the world where hackers and exploits are part of "normal" everyday life. My wife works at the local university and they have a whole department dedicated to keeping their internal network exploit free (Win Vista) but it is always being breached either by individual hacks or infected pendrives. We also know of many individuals who have had their bank cards cloned or been the victim of fraudulent transfers and data theft. None of these were running Linux, but most of them do now.
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Guess those who are thinking of running as root on their Android devices will be giving it some second thoughts now.

I like some Linux distros but have invested so much in Windows7!
Have only 120G but do have 250G on an external usb device.
Maybe now's the time to serious re-consider...
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a Linux O/S is probably more safer, in regard to these things,
mainly in part, due to having to enter pass-codes @ the local keyboard.

whereas a windows based O/S can be accessed on a more remote basis,
and thus is more vulnerable to any attacks.

likewise, a mac-book would also be much more safer, than a windows based PC.
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Piere2 - Rubbish. Passwords have nothing to do with the Operating System.

Remote execution vulnerability has nothing to do with the Operating System.

Macs are not immune to malware, contrary to their advertising. And most of these vulnerabilities are down to social engineering anyway.
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