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Default Auto Puppy Linux Installer


I've been using this .exe file to install puppy in my old machines. So far I have two of them working. But for some unknown reason my third machine has the hard drive designated as drive E: instead of drive C:.

Windows XP says I can't change the drive label of my boot drive, and there seems to be no option in the puppy installer.
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REFERENCE: Changing the drive letter of the system volume or the boot volume is not a built-in feature of the Disk Management snap-in

The reference above says that I can't change the boot drive from E: to C:. If someone has advice I would appreciate it.
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I'm not sure you want to change it for Windows. There will be loads of references to the drive letters in the registry that would no longer work.

However you do need to clarify those drive letters.
You also need to be aware that those letters are transient and only apply to the currently active Windows or DOS. If you were to start DOS - for instance - from a CD the letter would be different.

To be sure that you are referring to the correct location you need to refer to Volume serial and partition.

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