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Default Dvd playback in Linux

Hi guys: today i learned one more thing that i did not know,since i'm not much of a movie watcher,and never tried to watch movies on my Pc and rarely watch on my Home system center,but today i had this dvd cd around and put it in the tray and pulled the VLC but error no video at all,and said for myself what the heck maybe my dvd player is too old or dvds wont play in Xubuntu or Linux!then i started to seach the web, that's why i say Google is your friend and it is._ and came across this site and now i can watch dvds in Linux,hope this helps anybody here.

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Ivtec, the title of the thread, and the content is different from the content in the link that you have provided. The title of your thread, and its content suggests that you are talking about a DVD player in Linux, or playing of DVD, whereas the link you provide is about removing encryption.

Please do not post misleading title, or content.

Also, please take care to post correct links. After posting a post, or a thread, please make sure that the links you posted are correct. You have been making this mistake repeatedly.

We caution the users, that as per the article, removing encryption from DVDs may be illegal in some countries, therefore, please check the legal aspects first.
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