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Default Distro Roundup

With a few things happening on the home and site front I'm unlikely to get time to investigate any more distros this year so my roundup comes early.

As ever, your experience may and will undoubtedly vary from mine. The same Linux on one machine may fun faultlessly but crash constantly or not even install into a different hardware configuration.

My overall star has been SuperX, KDE done right. It installed and ran without error into all three of my machines which all have different configurations. Support was a bit lacking, being restricted to their Facebook page, but the new website and forum is now online.

This development was recognized by the local government authority of Assam (India) who shipped 30,000 SuperX installed laptops to students achieving high grades in exams. Release is now at 2.1 “Ada”.

Trisquel 6.0 LTS “Toutatis”. Despite only shipping with a limited amount of free software only, I soon got what else I needed and it ran fine on the one box I installed it to. Trisquel is neat, clean and fast for those users liking the Gnome Classic look. There are also other versions including Cinnamon but I had less luck with those. Nothing major but a bug in the network configuration prevented me from setting a mobile connection, although DSL was fine. The main distro however was faultless.

Having loved the Cinnamon DE from the outset I had very mixed results with Mint to the point that I gave up. Enter Snowlinux 4 “Glacier” Cinnamon however and the love affair is re-kindled. Half the memory crashed in my spare box so I installed the x32 bit version. It runs error free and is the system I enjoy using most. Memory use is low, CPU is a bit higher than some others but I recommend this to anyone wanting to try out a Debian based Cinnamon DE. Also ships with Xfce, MATE and E17.

I dabbled for a time with some of the alternative DE's and was not too impressed with anything other than Xfce. What Zorin and Deepin have created need a lot more work and Solus is now dead. Of the Xfce choices, the latest Voyager and Makulu stand out. Conky for ever!!

If you can stand the guy, watch Spatry's video review of Makulu linked from their homepage. Reminds me a bit of Dream Linux which unfortunately departed this Earth some time back. Check out the different software mix in Makulu including FlareGet, DropBox and a USB creator for multiple distro hopping. Uses the Mint software manager and Steam is preinstalled. There is also a custom Wine configuration you can download and use on Makulu or another Linux distro.

The Voyager home page is in French but worth searching out with the help of Googlygog translator.
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