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Originally Posted by Remah
Windows 8 is the best performing version of Windows that I've used in the 25 years
Curios, but to be honest I haven't tried win8 and to even be more honest I was critical of win7 when it first came out. At the time I was getting by quite happily with xp. My experience with my son's computer running vista was enough for me to jump from xp to win7.

I guess all the things I've read about win8 and its departure from a traditional desktop turned me off. I was however tempted by the rather cheap offer for the win8 upgrade but in the end I couldn't wrap mt head around a OS that is touch screen centric.

I realize there are apps that bring back the all important start menu but I figured that it wasn't worth it. I'm hoping microsoft will hammer out a traditional desktop and perhaps also continue with its tablet endeavors. I can't understand why they can't do both considering the failure they are enduring with the sale of their tablets.
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Originally Posted by Remah View Post
Windows 8 is the best performing version of Windows that I've used in the 25 years since I started with version 2.0. Right now I'm enjoying the improved integration with cloud storage.
I agree with this. I have been using Windows 8 since quite some time now, and I like it... and have not faced any problem using Windows. It's definitely an improvement.

People mostly base their judgement of Windows 8 by reading articles bashing Windows 8, and bashing the lack of a start menu. Lack of a start menu might be a little discomfort, but not as big as people are making of it. I am able to do my work just fine without a start menu.
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In Windows 8 I am largely using it as in Windows 7 except without the start menu. I have my main programs accessed from the taskbar so it made no difference to me.

The main adjustment I have made has been learning to use some of Windows keyboard shortcuts which I hadn't used in the past.
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