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Default The Speed of Linux

Another trouper from the local community turned up yesterday pretending to be someone's "buddy" and asking for help to install Linux as a dual boot into a laptop that is used as a main machine. Seems most of Brazil must take the whole of December off, but hey, who am I to turn folks away during the season of goodwill Anyway, a quick browse through some screenshots and a couple of live DVD's later, my new life long friend opted for Xubuntu. This is how it went:
  • Installed Xubuntu 12.10 x64 and fully updated it.
  • Removed UFW replaced with Firestarter and configured this including ICMP filter.
  • Removed Abiword replaced with LibreOffice.
  • Added Gstreamer codecs.
  • Added VLC, Kpat, Kmahjongg, LM_Sensors (configured via terminal) and Superkaramba.
  • Downloaded Google Chrome direct from site and installed using Software Center..
  • Set up Alsamixer for sound card and 4 speaker configuration via terminal (he has a setup like mine at home).
  • Customized wallpaper, theme, window borders, panel icons, folder icons, clock, menu and other settings.
  • Customized settings for VLC and Transmission.
  • Setup Thunderbird with 4 separate accounts (loaded 250+ emails), configured custom folders and message filters as per requests.

Total time taken: 1 hour 20 minutes

Lets see if the promised bottle of wine arrives.
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I can install a new linux distro in about the same time including the transfere of my personal files. I can remember spending days doing the the same thing with Windows. Because of this I always ensure I have a updated image of my Windows OS to prevent that kind of fiasco.
Perhaps sorting out the registration codes for the commercial software contributes to the mess. Not so for the 'Free' as in [Free Beer] Linux software.

Viva la Linux
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