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Default Thinking of trying out couple of distros...

Anyone here using (or used) PhoenixOS or Symphony One 2008.1? Would love to hear your experience with either (good or bad)!
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Hi and welcome,
Phoenix OS according to their website (quote) "This the official web page for PhoenixOS, a new OS being developed by two college students...... It was first conceived in December of 1995"
on their announcements page? None since 6-5-98.

I can't find a download link on their site either. In other words .... I'd give that one a miss!

SymphonyOne 2008.1 ... acording to it is "Based on ubuntu 7.10 with all the latest updates."

As Ubuntu is now at version 12.10 I would give Symphony a miss too.

Why not go for Ubuntu 12.04 (stable & 5 yrs support) or the latest version 12.10?

Hope this helps?

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I think this is the Phoenix being referred to?

Seems like another limited resource distro though and like Solus has been suffering from same.

Unless there's a specific reason for wanting this, I too would be inclined to stick with something a bit more mainstream such as the regular 'Buntus or at least a one man band with a history such as Korora or Zorin.
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DistroWatch shows Symphony's status as discontinued.
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