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Wink Your Dream Distro!!

The LINUX GOD has given you one wish. He says, I'll give you a choice between different Linux distro's to create a new one that fits in your tastes and well, it'll have everything that you can dream about. But you are limited to choose only among the distro's that are available presently. What are the best features among different distros that you would want to create your dream Distro.
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A distro that can run everything Windows can... I know so why don't I wish for Microsoft Windows? Because I have accumulated a good number of commercial apps and games and I would like to use them on my Linux system. Some of my application are used for video and sound processing and in my opinion are superior to their Linux counterparts. Complete support for all hardware on all Linux boxes.

Since I'm dreaming big, A distro that can predict winning Lottery numbers
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This is quite difficult to answer because some users lean towards instant "looks" which are highly personal anyway, whereas others might want speed and others stability. You can of course always build your own Linux from the ground up.
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CentOS(Stella Linux?) + all drivers pre-installed + dim screen feature like in LMC + internet connection, which would work on all comps (expecially the public ones! ) + Print Money Life-Time Freeware (all world currencies supported)

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