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Originally Posted by George.J View Post
A quick question: Where are softwares installed in Linux after installing from the software manager. For example in Windows it's usually in C:\Program Files. I wanted to know this, after I installed uGet and Downloaders extension for Chrome to integrate with it, but sadly I was clueless where uGet was installed.
From your file browser, go to File System > usr > bin
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You might also find this interesting.

There are options possible too for some applications. Take Superkaramba for instance. I am rarely satisfied with a pre-made monitor as I like to change the content and/or the background images. If I choose to download the themes from the program GUI directly, they end up in my system files. If on the other hand I choose to install from a file location such as "themes" (and download the theme into this first manually), then I can simply edit the theme file at this location which I find a lot easier.
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