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Default Hybryde Evolution 12.04

Seeing Panzer's screenshots in the other thread reminded me about this distro which includes no less than 9 different desktop environments. Best of all, unlike other distros, you can switch between them at will. I'd seen some reports about open applications crashing during this process, but why the hell would you want to switch from KDE to E17 with LibreOffice open anyway?

Anyway, I was most impressed with the response during a live session once I was able to overcome the default French language settings.

Unfortunately, my main reason for looking at this was to see their E17 setup which isn't too great. After just a few minutes the font rendering was affecting my eyes, and changing the font settings helped with the menu detail but not everything else.

Although it was only a quick look, I agree with another reviewer who said that it's great as a toy but hardly useful for main stream use.
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