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Anupam 14. Jun 2012 08:31 AM

Opera 12
Much awaited Opera 12 final is now available for download. It comes with loads of improvements to the browser, like out-of-process plug-ins, new lightweight themes.

Opera Unite and widgets have been discontinued with this release.

Full release notes here :

George.J 14. Jun 2012 10:26 AM

Awesome man :-) . Why do you always win the race! :-D

Panzer 14. Jun 2012 10:37 AM

Anupam is bot, not a human. :)

Anupam 14. Jun 2012 12:56 PM

(In bot voice) I am not a bot .. I am totally human :D


cheffo 14. Jun 2012 12:57 PM

Yes great to see it released. Think the Experimental Full Hardware Acceleration is going in the right direction, it is turned off by default and from users experience so far it apeears to work really well on most systems but not so well on others. HAPPY DAYS

George.J 14. Jun 2012 02:26 PM

Plugins are now separated into a different process. Well, I wonder how it would affect Opera that was relatively lightweight till the previous version.

George.J 14. Jun 2012 05:54 PM

Opera Unite, Opera Widgets, and Opera Voice Discontinuation:- Increased focus on Opera extensions.

Opera Unite and Opera Widgets will be off by default in Opera 12.00, and will eventually be phased out of the Opera browser in the future. Voice support will be removed as of Opera 12.00, as the voice-detection library is no longer supported by the third-party vendor.

Taurus 14. Jun 2012 06:29 PM


Originally Posted by George.J (Post 73331)
Awesome man :-) . Why do you always win the race! :-D

And there's a 64-bit version! I gotta try this out.

deya 15. Jun 2012 03:29 PM

Opera 12 is running well here, but I don't think it's one of their better releases to be honest, at least not for a final version. I've been using Opera Next for a long time and updated to each new snapshot along the way as 12 developed. There have been many good snapshot releases, and some not so good, but you expect to encounter bugs etc when using Alpha's and Beta's.

There were six Release Candidate's for this version [12] including two in one day this last week. It turned out that RC 6 was in fact the final, one file site I use even listed it as that, but the Opera Desktop Team didn't show it as that - at the time. This seems to have resulted in users downloading the final version, when if fact they were already using it, resulting in start menu error messages during the install. It happened to me, no big deal, I clicked ignore and the browser installed and works fine, but it isn't listed in the start menu.

Stupid little things like that just seem unnecessary to me, and looking through the comments on the Desktop Team page reveals that many users are not impressed with the way things are at the moment with this new release.

I've used Opera as my default browser for a long time, and will continue to do so. But open a few tabs in Opera 12 and watch the memory usage increase, it uses a lot more memory than other browsers I have installed while running several tabs.

You can't right click on bookmarks with this release, you can't delete bookmarks or edit properties from the menu, nothing, you have to use the bookmarks manager. Stupid little things again.

On the plus side, there are changes in 12 that I do like. Pages render much better, the browser is quicker on the machines here, definitely. I like the Themes option, not too bothered about pretty pictures and stuff, plain old white or black will do for me. They're nice and simple to install, and the few extensions I have installed work well.

So, generally speaking, I think Opera 12 is a good browser. It's just that I think it was rushed in the final stages of development. Opera seem to be getting drawn into this cycle of constant releases, like other browsers. I'd prefer them to just take their time, like they used to do, and get things right before pushing out stuff for general use when it's clear that they're not quite ready.

This version uses out of process plug-ins for the first time, so it's expected that there may be teething problems with that, higher CPU for example, and that's fine. I'm sure that will be addressed in future updates, although it doesn't seem to be causing me any problems while running the browser, I've noticed that it does take a while for the processes to end when the browser is closed.

Don't want to sound too critical, I still prefer Opera to any other browser. I just feel they need to quit trying to compete with others so hard. I'd rather have quality than quantity.

Taurus 15. Jun 2012 05:11 PM


Originally Posted by deya (Post 73381)
Don't want to sound too critical, I still prefer Opera to any other browser. I just feel they need to quit trying to compete with others so hard. I'd rather have quality than quantity.

The same thing could be said of any browser out there with the exception of Internet Explorer.

IMHO, Opera 12 is the best 64-bit browser for Windows 7 to date. The add-ons (extensions) work well and equivalents are available for Adblock Plus, Ghostery, and WOT.

The issue for me that drags all browsers down for me is the Adobe Flash Player.
There is a 64-bit version for IE9, but not for other browsers. The lastest release of the Adobe Flash Player for none IE browsers is bloated and has caused mulitple issues on my machine. I have reverted back to the pervious version.

It has already been said on this forum, but progression toward HTML5 video can not come soon enough for me.

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