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Sope 20. Nov 2012 03:13 PM

I've been using the "Opera Adblock" extension for some time, but after updating Opera to v12.10 it was automatically replaced by "Adblock Plus" without any apparent explanation, or indeed any filter lists installed to accompany it! Opera Adblock has also disappeared from the Opera Addons website. It appears this is down to the fact that apparently the url filtering API has changed as of v12.10.

Interestingly, my brother also uses Opera with "Opera Adblock" though his hasn't been affected. It appears this may be due to the fact that he only uses Fanboys lists whereas I additionally had Easylist selected.

I've now moved on to using the "AdBlock" extension which seems to fit my needs the best out of the choices that remain available, mainly as it's toolbar button provides relatively easy access to enable/disable adblocking if necessary. (I also tried "NoAds Advanced" but found it too aggressive and complex for my needs).

deya 20. Nov 2012 05:45 PM

I had the same problem, Opera Adblock updated to Adblock Plus automatically. It did the same thing when I was using the earlier snapshots with Opera Next. And the thing is, for me, Adblock Plus didn't work very well and caused high CPU issues with the browser.

I'm using Adblock now, with just the recommended filters, and it seems to be working fine. It appears to me to have a delayed start, it takes a moment before it loads when you start the browser, and CPU usage is much better. The Adblock extension is here, if it helps anyone;

I've had a few problems with my extensions in general (I only have four) with some of the more recent Opera builds - the snapshots. If I used 'settings' - 'delete private data' with all the boxes checked, I was loosing my extension settings. It seems to have been an ongoing problem for many users from what I've read on their site. Un-checking 'delete persistent storage' stops that from happening. I've also experienced a few crashes while using the 'delete private data' function, but that issue seems to have been resolved with the latest releases.

For me, this new release is a good one. It's suffered a few niggles recently but they've worked through them and ironed out a lot of the bugs. From where I sit, and for daily use, it's still the best browser I have installed - and that's not being some kind of fan thing, but just how I see it.

I think some of the complaints that are posted on the Desktop Team page are valid ones, for sure, but I also believe that many issues reported by some users are caused by the extensions they have installed, or because of their own individual set-ups.

They may have slipped up a little bit by releasing final versions too quickly (I think) recently, but this version is a definite improvement.

Sope 20. Nov 2012 07:16 PM


Originally Posted by deya (Post 78836)
for me, Adblock Plus didn't work very well and caused high CPU issues with the browser.

I'm using Adblock now, with just the recommended filters, and it seems to be working fine. It appears to me to have a delayed start, it takes a moment before it loads when you start the browser, and CPU usage is much better.

Yup, my experience is pretty much the same as yours.

I also added Fanboy's list to "AdBlock" and it seems to be running fine.
Both "Opera Adblock" and "Adblock Plus" were also causing me problems with a couple of online shopping email links (eBay was one), whereas that seems resolved currently using "AdBlock". All with the same lists installed as far as I can tell.

I never use the "delete private data" feature as I nearly always run Opera in Sandboxie with automatic deletion on exit. Extension settings are allowed to persist.

kendall.a 20. Nov 2012 09:34 PM

I really want to like Opera. I do. I have it installed on several computers. But, I seldom use it.

For me, and it sounds like a minor issue, until Opera supports Xmarks (or is it Xmarks supporting Opera?), I probably will not use it as my primary browser. In addition, LastPass is kind of buggy in Opera.

deya 21. Nov 2012 01:11 AM

I don't use Xmarks, in fact I don't use many extensions at all but can understand people being put off of using Opera because of issues like this. It was similar for me before they got around to making the WOT extension available. It's not a minor issue if you need it - I sometimes think they miss the whole point and it costs them potential users. I had a look at their forum and there are threads requesting Xmarks be made available but, as usual, the threads degenerate into playground squabbling and bickering .... it's not worth linking to them.

They may argue that Opera Link is there to use already, and it does work, even in other browsers. But I suspect that's not what you're after - and me not really knowing how the Xmarks add-on functions in those other browsers.

Like already mentioned, some extensions do cause problems, probably similar to the LastPass one you mention. I suppose it's still relatively early days for Opera extensions, but if they really want more people to start using it they need to get their act together over stuff like this. Opera may be perfect for my use ... but not so for lots of others.

deya 25. Nov 2012 06:36 PM

The question raised about syncing bookmarks, and no Xmarks for Opera, got me thinking about how I use Opera in general. So for the last few days I've started to use some of the features that I've not really made use of before. It's been quite enlightening to be honest, although I appreciate it won't be the same for others.

I decided to use the built in feed reader, never bothered with it before, and have to say it's very good, easy to use and doesn't really impact on resource use at all. I like the overall layout and the way you can edit each feed. I don't have many feeds, half a dozen or so, and I've always used SeaMonkey for feeds. But I've switched them to Opera now because I'm finding it much snappier, and with a much cleaner interface. Subscribing to feeds enables the Opera tray icon, something I thought might annoy me because you can't hide it unless you do it via task bar properties. It hasn't bothered me at all though, and I like the right click function with the icon, the ability to hide and re-open the browser at a click. So, all in all, using the built in feed reader is a plus for me.

Opera Link I have used before, although mainly out of curiosity and with a limited amount of use. Having re-synced everything I tried it in the other browsers I have installed, it works flawlessly in all of them. Bookmarks, notes and speed dial settings are all there, any browser, any PC. Obviously you need an Opera account to use it, which is free, and which I already had.

After (finally) realising the potential of this I decided to do something I'd never considered before. I downloaded Opera Mini to my Blackberry. It has to be noted here that before I started to use it I contacted my phone provider to make sure it wouldn't impact on my mobile data usage. I know that some providers only allow you to use the built in browser on your smart phone, and using other browsers will incur extra data costs. Having got assurance that there was no problem in using it with my particular tariff I went about setting it up.

After enabling Opera Link with Mini I logged in and synced to my PC. Perfect, my speed dial, notes and bookmarks are all there - and Opera Mini is a heck of a lot better than the built in browser on my phone, which isn't a bad browser anyway. After using it for a while I discovered another useful feature of using Opera in this way, and that's the way that it compresses the data sent to the phone, enabling pages to load quicker and greatly reducing data usage. Opera Mini is far more functional than the built in Blackberry one (for me) and it's free. Another plus, and quite a big one at that.

I toyed with the idea of setting up the built in email client again, I've used it before, but decided against it because I have no real need of it. I have to have emails directed to my Blackberry (sad, but true) and I'm happy with the set up I already have in that respect. For some reason I always find it troublesome messing about with email account settings anyway, and if they're working ok I've learned to leave them alone once they're set up and running. So that's one feature of Opera I won't be using, not a minus, because no doubt it's useful for others, but not for me.

Just a personal experience, and certainly not a recommendation, but thought I'd post it here anyway. Because reading back through this thread (at times) I might have been a bit critical of Opera - kind of, even though it's my default browser and I use it heavily on a daily basis.

My experiment has taught me what others (here) have been telling me for some time. Opera is more capable, more use to me, than I have given it credit for - if only I use the built in features provided. Extensions are great, they make it a better browser in my opinion, but there's a lot already built in to not necessarily require them.

Remah 25. Nov 2012 09:13 PM

@Deya, thanks for that info. I don't use Opera but I like it a lot.

Are you using the 32-bit or 64-bit version?

deya 26. Nov 2012 12:31 AM

Remah - I use the 32-bit version, and still prefer to run XP Pro on this machine. It runs very well, this latest version (12.11) is quite an improvement over the last couple of builds, for me.

I mentioned Opera Mini, I'm using version 7.1 on a Blackberry 9800 Torch. Mobile versions vary from phone to phone, tablets etc. Features are here, if it interests anyone;

Specs are here;

Joe A.TT 26. Nov 2012 01:03 AM


I'm glad to meet another regular user of Opera. I have an issue which I have already raised in Opera's own forums. Here's the gist of it:

I've been using Opera as my goto browser for about 5 months now. During all this time I was able to use the default keyboard shortcuts for formatting text in bold, italics and underline, whenever I was posting in forums like this one. Recently, I perform the upgrade to v12.10 and these K/B shortcuts no longer work. Even upgrading to v12.11 doesn't fix this.

So my question to you is really simple: Have you noticed this too?


deya 26. Nov 2012 01:59 PM

Joe - I don't use keyboard shortcuts much, but I tried the ones you mention. No, they don't work when typing here on the forum. For instance, if I hit Ctrl b it opens the bookmarks to the left of the screen? Ctrl i does nothing. But I tried them when using one of my email accounts this morning and they worked fine when typing into that. Really not sure just why that would be.

As I say, I don't use them normally so wouldn't know if they worked for me in previous builds or not. I'll have a look around later on and see if I can find anything. I do know that single key shortcuts are disabled by default. Have you looked at your shortcuts options in advanced preferences?

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