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Default An in-depth Firefox Security Guide

Some of the hacks and addons mentioned in this guide will be familiar to long time and advanced users . Still a nice guide for both newbies and the rest
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nice, i do about half of the list, the other half i dont because i don't like being do restricted on my own laptop :S lol
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No mention of checking and disabling Plugins in that article. Even if you use a portable version of Firefox, it auto-loads any plugins installed on the system.

Plugins can be enabled and disabled 'on the fly' in most* browsers, I only have Flash enabled as it's the most commonly used and my current gfx card doesn't do HTML5 very well.

*NOTE: even with the Java plugin disabled in IE, Java can still be triggered by a web page opened in IE; if that trigger is from an exploit pack - your OS is likely to become infected! Keep Java updated or, if you don't use it frequently, uninstall it.
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