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Default Issues with firefox 10 and 10.0.1 updates

firefox 10 and 10.0.1 wont open some websites

Unable to read my online mail in virgin media , unable to access planet rock . May be others havent tried. Both occur in either add ons enabled or in safe mode. Not a problem accessing these sites if I use different browser such as IE or opera.

Also firefox crashes immediately I open online game runescape which uses java but only if my os is ubuntu 10.10 , was ok in ubuntu 10.04
Not at all happy in fact very unhappy. Advice anyone please.

have tried uninstalling /reinstalling firewall. Disabling firewall. Same thing cant access some sites with firefox. Cant even post on Mozillas forum with firefox have to use opera. this is a firefox update issue all ok with 9 not ok with 10 or 10.0.1
not pleased with Mozilla response or their latest update quite frankly ridiculous to have such issues. arnt these updates tested, its not as if im using a beta version.
Any response welcome
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Ok, I tried Planet Rock with FF 10.0.1 (Windows) and the site works fine here, pop up player opens and plays when I select 'listen live'. Left it playing for a while, no problem. Don't use Ubuntu so can't help you with that, although I did try the game thing, it pretty much locked the browser and CPU was 100 percent with Java running - but again, that's in Windows XP and for all I know that could be normal for the site. Can't help you with Virgin Media etc, I don't use it.

For me though, FF still takes a good while to shut down after exiting the browser.
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Tried Runescape just now and it seems to be working okay.

Are you running the latest version of java? If not try updating it. BTW, Runescape and java consumes so much of ram

If nothing works out, check out Firefox in safe mode and then try accessing the sites.
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