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Well, Orca was over quickly. "Short and Sweet" just like jojoyee's signature

Browsers are such a personal thing anyway so maybe someone else can offer a more positive opinion but I found the layout disorganized and cluttered compared to Firefox and many of the extensions won't install for this version. Of those that do some won't implant an icon and have to be operated via the context menu. Not exactly ideal or efficient. Speed wise?... seemed no different so (for me anyway) no reasons here to swap.

While we're attracting attention here can I make a request if anyone reading this is able to send a message in Japanese? MC doesn't give things up easily and I'm still trying to gain constructive contact with the guys at Lunascape. I did receive one reply in English with a promise of answers to my questions but then nothing else came back despite two more emails. Maybe if I can send in their native language we might get a better response. If anyone is so able please send me a PM, thanks. I'll also post this in the Lunascape thread.
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Some things I have learned while using the browsers

Safari is a memory hogg but super fast. Since it consumes lots of memory it is unstable on windows.. and only good on Mac

Opera is the lightest browser not the fastest. It also has some interesting features

Google Chrome is the best performing browser. It is blazing fast and stable.

Firefox is an all round browser. It is fast, secure and stable and it also has addons.

IE.. Phale..

I think the order should be more like this:


Note: I have not tried the other browsers in your post so I did not know where they fit.

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question about chrome?..
is it still stealing data from ie?...beacuse i think "unchrome" is needed before running this app.
-what's the difference between version 1,2 nd 3 ?
there are other version relate to chrome like sware-iron and chromiun..
which claims not to steal information like chrome.
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Originally Posted by Jojoyee View Post
Is it faster than Chrome? If yes, I'd love to switch to and see if I can read the pages

At IE8 homepage, it claims IE8 to be "Faster, safer, easier than ever".
My view: Faster than IE7? maybe yes. Faster than other browsers such as Chrome? I don't think so.
I agree. I guess Google Chrome is still one of the fastest. Don't tell me IE can catch that. And for well known stability and rich feature, Firefox still noticed. Opera got bug on running flash or java apps, probably.
My opinion, there's nothing between Chrome and Firefox. Since Safari is a bit too fat and eat lots of resources.
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