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Default an idea for browser security?

For the people that use smartphones/tablets, the opera mini browser renders all the webpages on their own servers then pass it to the user in a "compressed" form to speed up browsing (using less data to surf)

Anyways I was wondering if anyone else thought of using opera mini on their laptops to surf "unknown/untrusted" sites (not that we would.... >.>). Since IF there was a virus/worm (not sure what to call it) on the site, it would go to opera's servers and not our computers?

Just wondering if this would be a new idea to try out, I know opera mini isn't made for computers and you have to emulate it but is the idea worth following up on, incase there are browsers that do this for computers?

This is a free opera emulator, it works fine, but it's pretty ugly :S not made for large screens like my 18" laptop lol

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It wouldn't do much except send the compressed malware to your computer. Same can be said for all similar services and websites that compress data. Both the server and the computer may get infected. There's no security benefit.
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