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Default Thunderbird

I know I mentioned a while ago about Thunderbird and Firefox locking up and requiring task manager intervention to stop the process and restart. Last weekend I "house cleaned" this computer and put a brand new install of W7 x32 into it, no dual boot with Linux this time. Immediately, Thunderbird is locking itself and I'm unaware of this until I open the program from the tray (using the minimize extension) and attempt a manual check. This defeats the whole object of having it check for new mail every couple of minutes if I can't be sure it's doing so.
The reason I stuck with Thunderbird was the ease of backup via MozBackup although I'm not exactly sure why because I use Gmail to backup too. Just means I have to load everything again from fresh instead of running a simple restore.
Anyway, decided to revisit eM Client which apart from the syncing features has everything else you could possibly need. Not for the feint hearted and memory use watchers but a hell of an email client none the less.

Is anyone else having this issue with Thunderbird? I've tried firewall, no firewall and two different AV's but the issue remains. Maybe it's the extension but I need that unless I just leave it minimized naturally, which I admit I haven't tried.
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