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Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
I will recommend it. It's a good browser, and under regular development.

But, using a browser mainly depends on how a person likes it. Some features may appeal to one user, whereas lack of some features may not be appealing.

I will also recommend taking a look at SlimBoat browser. It's available for Linux too, with great features, and under regular development.
Thanks Anupam, I'll give it a go, I'll definitely take a look at SlimBoat too
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THe new updated Qupzilla 1.6 is crashing alot less for me.. Differently runs lighter on resources
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QupZilla - the little browser that can:
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1.6.3 is available... I like this little browser..
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Been using the latest version of Qupzilla for the last few days, it's improved quite a bit since I last used it. Installed it as a portable to begin with but kept losing a couple of extension settings on re-start but no big deal to re-set them. Got it all set up as I wanted and after quite a bit of use decided to do the full install version. It's running really well.

Had a couple of little niggles when messing around with the built in ad blocker, changing filters crashes it on first use - not every time, but finally got it how I want it. I'm using just the Fanboy's list, which is working fine. Changed the search engines and set my DDG UK URL as default so I get the results I want, plus the WOT ratings without having to change DDG settings.

Latest version is 1.8.6, which was released in January this year so still being actively developed, unlike some of the other light weight browsers out there. Seems one or two have fallen by the wayside, unfortunately.

Browser runs light, single process and doesn't come with loads of garbage that some of the other browsers I've tried just lately do. It's a pleasure to be using it again.

.... and great to have threads like this on the forum to go back to and use as reference from time to time.
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Thanks for sharing your experience deya. Qupzilla is indeed a good browser.
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