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View Poll Results: Which is your favorite download manager reviewed in the Best Free Download Manager?
Gigaget 7 10.61%
Free Download Manager 26 39.39%
Orbit Downloader 14 21.21%
FlashGet 2 3.03%
Download Accelerator Plus (free) 3 4.55%
Star Downloader Free 0 0%
MetaProducts Download Express 0 0%
DownThemAll (Firefox extension) 12 18.18%
GetGo Download Manager 0 0%
None of the above 10 15.15%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 66. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 12. Feb 2009, 03:35 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Best Free Download Manager

Use this thread to discuss and share your views about the software reviewed in the Best Free Download Manager.

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Default More consideration needed for best

I've tried both gigaget and FDM.

Gigaget does not interface well in opera and has no plugin.

FDM won't even install on my 64-bit VISTA while many other downloaders will without a problem.

Hard for me to give either a BEST based upon those facts.

I suggest Orbit as the best.
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Old 17. Feb 2009, 03:24 PM   #3 (permalink)
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Default Download Managers

I've been using Fresh Device's Fresh Download for several years, along with their other products, and prefer their actions over most others. They are all freeware, and are updated regularly (about every month). Fresh Download offers up to 8X acceleration by dividing the file into 8 parts which are later reassembled, integration into IE or Firefox, a 'download basket' for later download action, and blazing speed. I aggressively guard the security of my computers, and have never seen any incursions attributable to Fresh Download or any of their product suite.
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Old 19. Feb 2009, 04:51 AM   #4 (permalink)
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Fresh Download is worth a try, though it requires you to provide name and email address in return for free codes to unlock the software.

A test on the software shows that this program does not indicate the original download filenames when a download link is added manually to the download manager. Download speed may not be better than the top-rated products in general as well.
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Old 21. Feb 2009, 12:23 PM   #5 (permalink)
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I tried Giganet for nearly a week, my perception is that it is no faster or slower than FDM, both are limited by the speed of my link (ADSL2+, practical max is about 16Mbs) or more often than not by the performance of the download server.

The download, install and configuration of Giganet worked perfectly, I had no problems getting it working with Firefox (I already had the Flashgot extension), and it worked fine with my firewall software (Online Armor). I didn't use it directly from IE, but it worked when I downloaded stuff from MS from within an IE8 Tab in Firefox. So I've no doubt it would have worked directly from within IE8.

I initially used the same settings wrt to number of connections, number of concurrent downloads etc as I have in my FDM settings. I've experimented with these using a number of download managers over the past couple of years. I always end up with a max of 5 concurrent downloads, max of 60 connections, and no more than 20 connections per server as the optimal configuration

I saw no evidence that Giganet was even slightly faster than FDM, let alone "far faster" as is stated in the product review, yes I had gridnet enabled. I tweaked the settings variously, but I could induce no positive impact on performance, in some instances my tweaks had the negative impact I expected.

The main Giganet program has a "nicer" user interface than FDM

Giganet seems to lack FDM's ability to automatically associate download file types with specific download directories (i.e. in FDM I define that by default, exe's and msi's will go to downloads\software, and by default wmv's, avi's, movs and mpegs will go to downloads\movies, etc).

I don't recall seeing a scheduling feature in Giganet, I use FDM's scheduled downloads infrequently, but I would not want to lose it.

I couldn't get Giganet to work with my malware scanners (Antvir Premium and Ad_Aware Plus), but I also have intermittent problems with FDM in this area, so it may be an extraneous issue.

Giganet's progress window is significantly less informative than is FDM's.

I've gone back to FDM on the basis that Giganet offered no benefits and lacked some features found in FDM.

I did not use all of Giganet's features - no more than I use all of FDM's.
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Old 21. Feb 2009, 01:10 PM   #6 (permalink)
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Default Come back often

Great post .... just what we are trying to encourage,
and thanx for voting.
lets the music play the band ...

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I used Giganet quite some years ago, when i used to use Getright(which is a great shareware), but i found it to be quite aggressive, and it slowed down my internet.

I used Free Download Manager for quite some while, and i think its a great download manager.
I tried Orbit Downloader some time back, and i like it too. I like its grab++ feature to download videos from video sites like youtube.
I would rate FDM and Orbit on equal platform... and both are good choices.

I have tried Fresh Download, but didnt quite like it as much as the above two. But, fresh download is relatively new, and definitely it will improve. For now, am using Orbit Downloader.

DownThemAll is a great extension for firefox, and i would certainly rate it high.

Also, FlashGot is another great extension to integrate the download managers with firefox. Highly recommended.

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Just read this after posting here... so thought i would share here.

An extension for Opera is out similar to the FlashGot extension for firefox. Its called oGet, and as FlashGot, it lets you integrate download managers with Opera.

More of the article, and the download link here:
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Old 23. Feb 2009, 02:59 PM   #9 (permalink)
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Smile Best Free Download Managers

I used Free Download Manager for a long time and thought it was the only one available. I got really tired of the nag screens trying to get me to purchase the program. I did a search and found Free Download Manager and I was blown over. It is truly free, with no nag screens. It is very fast with mutiple download sites and I have no problem doing downloads of different programs. One thing I really like is that it automatically starts ClamWin, my antivirus program to scan the file(s) I had just downloaded. Personally I use Maxthon Unicode as my browser of choice and Free Download Manager integrates flawlessly with Maxthon. I will have to try some of the other download programs and see how they work. Thanks for the review.
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Old 25. Feb 2009, 06:06 AM   #10 (permalink)
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I use Free Download Manager myself. It seems to do a good job.

One thing I do not like in a download manager is when they download a webpage instead of a file.

Does anyone know of a download manager that does good on this aspect ?

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