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Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
It was checked for me by default. So, don't know whats happening. If I read some thing about it, I will share here.
Anyone that uses the EasyPrivacy adblock plus filter subscription should see "Allow non-intrusive advertisements" unchecked upon install. I use Easy Privacy and "Allow non-intrusive advertisements" was unchecked after install. If you read the changelog at the adblock plus webpage closely, it explains that if you use the EasyPrivacy filter subscription, "Allow non-intrusive advertisements" will install unchecked.
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Ah, thanks for that explanation Taurus
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:S i'm already tempted to uninstall this version of adblockplus and go back to previous... I have no problems making my own filters so if I have to go back to original adblock (before plus) then I would if adblockplus continues to "add" options already opted in... For something that I use for privacy/or blocking, I expect things to be blocked unless I opted for it to not be blocked.

Its how facebook works, must opt out to of default privacy settings, instead of opt in to share. And I just don't agree with this type of process. Banks got in trouble for it making people by default opted in for "services" without letting people know about it and got in trouble.
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