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Wow, many many browsers were listed. All of which I've heard of it.

Now why didn't anyone mention Wyzo? It's a bit heavy, true but for media purposes, it's yet to be beaten. The browser has a built in media accelerator, download accelerator, torrent browser...etc; etc;

I don't know if it's actively developed anymore, but then again neither is K-meleon.

Another interesting browser is Michael Hardy's Hypersonic. It's a customized firefox that comes pre-loaded with tons of extenstions and speed enhancements.

Also there is the Tor Browser, which uses the Mozilla engine. Not the best for speed but has some nifty features, especially privacy wise.

For linux, there are several awesome browsers to be mentioned.

One that I used to use was swiftfox, which was what Pale Moon is to windows. However their site got hacked recently and I don't know if it's safe to prowl around it.

Iceweasel is basically Debian's rebranding of Firefox. The only difference is the icons.
Icecat is the GNU version of Firefox (For Linux). All nonfree code was stripped out of firefox and privacy extensions were added.

Kazehakaze is Japanese import for linux that uses the Gecko engine. It is lightweight and mostly targeted at advanced users. It's odd system of installing only what you need and layered tabs, always confused me.


Miscellaneous programs like Miro, also use the Gecko engine. Songbird also does.
Since Songbird can browse the web, shouldn't it get some mention in the browser section?
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