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Anupam 28. Jul 2011 10:23 PM

Skype has been released, with several new features, and bug fixes. Release notes can be read here :

They have been offering the online installer for quite some time now, but I hate online installers. I always downloaded the offline installer, and installed Skype.

I downloaded the offline installer this time too, but I am now encountering some strange behavior, and Skype fails to install.

One of the feature change mentioned in release notes is "Simplified installer flow", so I am guessing this is the result of that. So much for simplified :rolleyes:

I have downloaded an offline setup, which should work good. But, when I click on Next after the initial screen where it asks to select language, after that when it should start installation, it says that "We are having problems connecting to the download server. To download an alternative installer for Skype, click the Download button."

On clicking Download, it opens a page which offers online installer for download. On clicking Cancel too, it opens a webpage, with this URL :

Which tells that it has something to do with Google Toolbar, and Google Chrome, and also IE.

I am wondering why it wants to connect to the download server, when I have downloaded an offline installer.

I don't think Skype is going the right way. All this is fishy. Is it having the MS effect, after being bought by MS recently? :rolleyes:

Anyone else encountering such problem with latest version?

28. Jul 2011 11:19 PM


Originally Posted by Anupam (Post 56992)
Skype has been released

I don't think Skype is going the right way. All this is fishy. Is it having the MS effect, after being bought by MS recently? :rolleyes:

Anyone else encountering such problem with latest version?

Hi Anupam,
I downloaded & installed Skype today from the Skype website and got release, not the version that you have found. I checked for updates after having read your post and it says that I have the latest release. During the install there was a lot of extras (the MS effect, maybe!) but I deselected them and they did not show up on the main page, however there is an extra Skype install (Skype Toolbars) that shows up when I query programs and features in the Control Program. When I open my browser (Chrome) there is an extension for Skype in the browser. I do not use IE, but I bet it is also there.

Anupam 29. Jul 2011 08:52 AM

Hi emmjay, its strange that you still get the older version of Skype. The latest version of which I posted about has been released just yesterday. But, it should be available on the official site, since I got it from there. Did you get Skype via online installation, or offline installation?

The versions earlier than the latest one, like the one you downloaded, do not have the problem I posted, because the installer is different this time. The problem I encountered will be in the latest version, since as per the release notes, they have changed the way Skype installs.

I have installed the earlier versions too, and to avoid those extras, I remember that there was a button, which you had to click to access that list of extras, and other options. I always opted out of them.

George 29. Jul 2011 09:25 AM

I got informed by Filehippo that my Skype is outdated. I switched to Skype and had it check for updates. Skype however said that I was using the most current version. That was weird in the first place.

I downloaded the "newer" Skype from Filehippo and installed. It was an online installer that worked on one machine just fine. On a different machine the online installer failed with the same server connection error as Anupam had. But I was redirected to a page that looked slightly different (didn't note down the link). I could download the appropriate offline installer from there and it worked fine.

Anupam 29. Jul 2011 10:22 AM

You got offline installer from the redirected link? Strange, because I am getting online installer only :confused:

Not at all pleased with this release of Skype.

torres-no-tan-magnifico 29. Jul 2011 11:35 AM

Have installed from Filehippo and it installed without a hitch. I didn't bother going to the Skype site as I was already at Flehippo checking out other updates.

Anupam I hope you get your problem sorted soon!

Anupam 30. Jul 2011 08:47 AM

Something is definitely wrong with this setup of Skype.

I tried this on my cousin's PC, where Skype had not been installed before, and there it behaves differently. There, I get an Option button, which was not there, when I installed Skype on my PC. Further, on other PC, I get the screen where it offers Google Chrome... no such screen on my PC. But, even on that PC, after starting installation, it says that it cannot connect to the download server. Understandable, since it had no internet connection. But, if it did have to connect to the server, and download something, then whats the use of an offline installation. What the heck man!

I thought, maybe, I should uninstall the older version of Skype on my PC. I did that.. I deleted all left over files and folders too.. but it still behaves the same. No screen where it offers Google Chrome, and still same error. Irritated now. I do get the Option button now though, at the start of the installation.

I will try installing with the online installer, and see how it goes.

jim 30. Jul 2011 10:11 AM

Just downloaded and installed from Filehippo with no problem except that it gave an error and said it couldn't install Skype toolbar (which is fine by me :D) and said it would just install Skype normally. Seems OK so far. My only problem with Skype is this: every Friday I play snooker online with my son who lives in NI. (I live in England). We use Skype for voice contact all the time whilst playing. By about 10pm UK time either one of us (not usually both) sounds as though gargling underwater. This has happened whichever of the last 3 or 4 versions of Skype has been the current one. Will be interesting to see if there is any improvement with this version - but I won't hold my breath.

Anupam 30. Jul 2011 10:23 AM

Skype being offered on FileHippo for download is an online installer, of just over 1 MB. Whereas, the one I am having problem with it, is offline installer of 23.2 MB. The link is not officially available on Skype site, but it was before... and I have it stored for my use. Its available on blogs too, if you do a Google search for it.

Seems like the problem might be with the offline installer, for whatever reason.

Jim, if you want, you can try other Voip alternatives to Skype. There are some :

Logitech Vid HD :

I haven't tried it myself, but it looks good. I have it installed, and looking for an opportunity to test it out. Will report back on it, when I do test it out.

OoVoo :

Its free for 3-way audio/video chat. Haven't tried it too though.

You can even chat on Yahoo Messenger, if you have it... or on Windows Live too.

But yes, you can't beat Skype quality for audio chats.

jim 30. Jul 2011 01:47 PM

Thanks Anupam. I already have Logitech software for my camera and I have tried just about every voice software there is and (as you say) nothing beats Skype. However, (as I say) even that has its problems. I will just have to see if this latest download improves things.

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