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Bob 23. May 2011 01:02 AM

Am I missing something, or does DDG not provide statistics (numbers of search results etc)?

MidnightCowboy 23. May 2011 08:51 AM


Originally Posted by Bob (Post 52992)
Am I missing something, or does DDG not provide statistics (numbers of search results etc)?

Can't answer this one myself because I don't use search stats. There is a lot of extra stuff available though so maybe such a facility does exist somewhere? :D

This one might interest some because it sends your keywords straight to Google for suggestions, but searches are preformed on Duck Duck Go. You can choose to do this direct, proxied or encrypted.

Bob 23. May 2011 12:15 PM

Thanks MC - As you say, they have a lot of extra functions, but I couldn't find result numbers. I feel lost without them and would really recommend DDG include them. Oh, that and a name change: it's one of those cases where the abbreviation seems preferable to the full name. Er, no offence meant... MidnightCowboy is a handsome choice :D

[Btw, MC, what's up with your gif?]

MidnightCowboy 23. May 2011 01:08 PM


Originally Posted by Bob (Post 53024)

[Btw, MC, what's up with your gif?

If you're referring to the one above, it's one of the official DDG logos :)

I've actually taken it out now because I didn't realize it was animated :o A few problems saving stuff into the forum and displaying it today ;)

kendall.a 11. Oct 2011 08:37 PM

For all you DuckDuckGo users out there, is there a way to sort results by date?

When using Google, I often search "within the last year" or "within the last month". I can't seem to find that option with DDG?!

MidnightCowboy 11. Oct 2011 08:49 PM

Sort of possible, but limited.

J_L 16. Oct 2011 04:51 AM

I prefer Ixquick, because of more useful features and search criteria.

MidnightCowboy 16. Oct 2011 07:01 AM


Originally Posted by J_L (Post 61450)
I prefer Ixquick, because of more useful features and search criteria.

This has prompted me now so I've just installed ixquick into Opera. I'll see how it goes.

deya 16. Oct 2011 01:07 PM

StartingPage shows the same results as Google but with the Ixquick privacy features. There's also StartPage metasearch, which has the time search feature that kendall mentioned, all part of Ixquick. See here. WOT works in them all.



Both have the Ixquick advanced settings etc.

Anupam 16. Oct 2011 01:53 PM

Well, this discussion got me interested in these alternative search engines, specially with their cleaner looks, and of course privacy features.

Only reason I had not been paying attention to this is, because I think that while using this alternatives, its always in the back of my mind that, what if by using these, I am losing out on the search results that Google provides.. are they as good as Google?

But now am interested. Google has become irritating.

I tried DuckDuckGo, but WOT does not seem to work with it. Anyone knows how to make WOT ratings appear in search results?
Also, by default DuckDuckGo's interface does not appeal because of its large fonts, and also single page search results, which is not to my liking.

Ixquick looks good to me, and so does StartingPage, which uses Google as the search with privacy of Ixquick. Also, it works with WOT, and it can also be incorporated into Firefox. I think I will use it.

Which one would you recommend.. Ixquick, or StartingPage. Also, whats the difference between StartingPage, and StartPage?

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