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Thanks, but I don't use beta products in general. I will wait for the final release . Maybe, Mozilla will fix the error in Firefox 4 itself.
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I actually noticed this issue right off the bat of installing Firefox 4, but it has only occurred to me now to rectify it.

In Firefox 3.xx, by default, when you typed into the address bar for example, cnet, it would first search through the .com's etc. to see if there was a website by that address and take you straight there if it existed. If it didn't exist it would do a search of the term.

Now in version 4, the default is to do a search of the term. I found it very handy to just type in the short version, rather than www....... How do I get version 4 to do this function?
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Originally Posted by eyeb View Post
here's the list of addons that I'm using in ff4 without any problems, or that I don't care to fix

I am trying to download MIME Edit from the dev's site but that is down completely or at least it does not load form here.

Would you please be so kind and upload that MIME Edit xpi to a bitlocker? I am looking high and low for this elsewhere but could not find it. That would really be very much appreciated.

Thanks so much.


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