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J_L 13. Feb 2011 05:51 AM


Originally Posted by swaoamit (Post 46006)
Because I don't see any disadvantage to stick with SP2. And my software list were probably depended on SP2.:)

You won't be as secure without the latest patches. For example, SP2 doesn't protect you from the LNK vulnerability.

clarksond 18. Apr 2011 03:24 PM

Hi Amit,

Many browser claims that they are lightweight and significantly reduce the loading time speed. When you load a webpage multiple scripts start running behind it and sometimes it requires additional plugging to load that particular page. It is totally depend upon the browser that how it will interpret with those scripts and how quickly it can produce results. Also it depends upon your system resources and applications. From experience, I would recommend the latest Internet Explorer 9 browser. It is easy to install, secure and fastest browser I have ever used. It takes microseconds to load and provide ultimate web experience.

Thanks :)

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