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Thanks for sharing this tushR. True, Facebook is quite a big business site now. There are many many apps on Facebook, and many people use these apps. Some of these apps are the reason why people use Facebook. It works both ways.

I use Facebook, but I use very very few apps. I have observed this, that when you want to use an app on Facebook, first thing it does is ask for various permissions to your wall, and friend list etc. This is what I dislike, and my reason for not using many apps.

There are also offers, and promotions, where you have to "Like" the pages, to avail them. These also have the same effect. Liking a page, will give access to your wall to the pages, and then they can post their feed on the wall.

Its very necessary to be careful of privacy issues, and not using apps blindly on Facebook, or any other social network site for that matter.

I have observed many people commenting on the site and they loathe Facebook, and other social networking sites, and think they are the ultimate source of malware, and are worthless sites. That view is also not true.
I have been using Facebook, and Orkut for quite some time. If you use these carefully, there is no way you can get infected with malware. Its not that simply using these sites will get you infected. That's ridiculous. I am in touch with many of my friends over Facebook, and its a delight to be able to be in touch with them, and know about their activities, which is not possible otherwise. So, these social networking sites are a great form of connection, and communication. But, yes, you have to be careful when using them... like you have to be careful when surfing on other internet sites.

Safe surfing is the key.

But yes, no RockMelt for me too. Why would I need to include a third party between Facebook and me, when I can achieve the same with a normal browser, and that too without worrying about privacy issues, or other things.
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If anyone is interested, Rockmelt was bought by Yahoo earlier this year. All Rockmelt apps were terminated.
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