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Default Running a Proxy Address Server and Orbit Downloader Question

I have recently been reading a lot about using a proxy server and at present am still trying to weigh up the pros and cons before deciding one way or the other. Some reports say that using proxy servers are security risks (although I would make sure I used a recommended one) if I so decide to go that way.

One thing I am not sure about though, is it possible to use a proxy for just Orbit Downloader while running all other internet traffic through my normal address?.

Would appreciate any advice on this matter. The reason that I am considering this is that recently totally unfair legislation passed into law in the UK could hypothetically see a whole household banned from the internet because the youngest member downloaded a few music tracks not knowing any better and I would just like to take precautions in order to avoid said scenario.
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Whilst we do hope you find the information you need, TSA does not make a judgement as to which legislation may be fair or not. Consequenty, anything appearing here giving specific directions about how to break the law in a particular country will be removed. This does not include general discussions about software for which the owner is responsible for their application of it.
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I have to agree with MidnightCowboy here.

So, generally speaking, there are two ways to use a proxy service. Either the program you want to use it for offers the ability to configure one (like Firefox) or you can use a separate "proxyfying" program that can use a proxy service for one or more of your applications. There are several protocols that can be "proxified" (HTTP, Socks, etc.).

I am not using Orbit Downloader. I am sure you can find more feature details on their home page.
Best regards, George
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