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Default Firefox extensions, add-ons

This is a general post or thread about Firefox add-ons that include extensions for purposes of security, performing backups, and more. I initially included this in a post for the following page, but it made the post a little too long for that page, so I'm moving the add-ons part to the forum and will replace the content in the post for the following page with a link to this thread. This thread is intended to be for debate as well as a resource for people who are novice to experienced and those who are of advanced experience.

"How to Install Firefox", by Ian "Gizmo" Richards, July 2nd, 2010

He included a short list of extensions he recommended and I commented about several of them. What I wrote is included below.

Note that I learned in another thread here that there's also the following reviews page.

"Best Firefox Add-ons", by or updated by jwalantsoneji, April 14th, 2010

Extensions list

AdBlock - certainly recommendable

Tab Mix Plus - (TMP) I believe it's a must have and use (greatly useful)

SessionSaver -
It's actually Session Manager that's to be used, for SS doesn't support Ffx higher than around version 1.5. And I'll comment more thoroughly on this at the end of thepost.
FlashGot -
I agree, but while prefering to set it so that it redirects downloads so that they're done with Orbit Downloader. If a download redicted to OD can't be performed by OD, then I open the FG Options and set it to the default so that FG then does the download after restarting the download. And once the download is completed, then I re-set FG back to use OD. This redirection usually works, but occasionally doesn't. And there are many different download managers users can select one from in a list in FlashGot Options.
Fasterfox -
I don't bother and have read from plenty of people that this add-on doesn't really provide any serious benefit. However, I have read that using an add-on like PlacesCleaner, f.e., does help to speed up Ffx start-ups or load time when Ffx is started. See user reviews or comments for the these two types of add-ons at

Mimimize to Tray -
Sounds good, but I have so many icons in my tray as it is that I wonder if any more could fit in there, and that's with the Windows Task Bar already doubled in height.
Additional suggestions:

TooManyTabs - very handy Ffx user interface add-on
I learned about TMT a couple of months ago and have been seriously making use of ever since it was installed. It's very handy, but I'll let people read about how it works at Most people will probably appreciate this add-on.
PlacesCleaner - cleans the Places sqlite file

Redirect Cleaner - cleans and therefore corrects URL re-directs
Note: jwalantsoneji recommends Redirect Remover and I checked the reviews for both some minutes ago. RR has a stronger rating. Both RR and RC apparently don't work or not well anyway with Google, but RR has a slightly stronger general rating and reviews.
FEBE, CLEO and OPIE - for performing backups
CLEO is for creating package files called cleopacks that combine whatever Firefox extensions a user wishes to back up, and they're all saved to the same cleopack file.

FEBE permits backing up Firefox extensions separately (as opposed to combining them in a single file), bookmarks.json and .html, Firefox preferences, cookies, and much more. This is the most useful of these three add-ons from the same developer for my needs anyway, but the other two also work well.

OPIE is for importing and exporting Firefox extension preferences.

NoScript and RequestPolicy - security add-ons
More security add-ons are mentioned below. RP is simple, quite straight-forward, but while I definitely make plenty of use of NoScript, some people might not like dealing with it. It permits a user to prevent Flash media in Web pages from loading and Java scripts from running until the Ffx user enables these features in Web pages on a Web site by Web site basis. A user can also allow scripts globally, but I would never do that, for it applies to all open tabs, if I recall correctly.
HTTPS-Everywhere - A security add-on from the EFF
It changes URLs of a considerable number of Web sites, including Google Search, but also plenty of others to use secure access by changing from http:// to https://. I had to disable it for Google Search, for the add-on rendered searches non-functional for some reason that I haven't researched or looked into. Presently, the default is 28 websites, but a user can add more by adding rulesets.
BetterPrivacy -
No opinion yet, for I haven't even tried private Web browsing yet at all. But browsing using privacy activated is apparently good according to people who do use this mode for browsing or surfing the Web.
Certificate Patrol -
I haven't noticed if that one has been working well or not. Having just checked its Options, I saw that I had not set it to produce any pop-up notices, so I just set those options now. There are only two possible settings, so it's very simple to deal with the add-on's Options.
F-Secure - for anti-virus scans of downloads performed with Ffx's built-in downloader

Stop Autoplay -
SA prevents videos in Web pages from automatically playing when the pages are opened or loaded; like at Youtube and Google, f.e.
Long URL Please -
I haven't noticed if that add-on works or not. To be able to know, I'd have to know of Web pages with URL's like TinyUrl ones and see if those are corrected so that the full and real URL is shown, instead.
Click&Clean -
It's an add-on that can be invoked through an option in the Ffx Tools menu or with a Toolbar button if a user adds the button. It permits cleaning of the Ffx cache, browser and download history, form and search history, active logins, site preferences and sessions saved with Tab Mix Plus. That only depends on which of these options a user has set or checked to be cleaned. And the add-on can be invoked or run at any time on demand, or when Ffx is closed. It's a handy add-on.
BBCodeXtra -
Adds additional BB and HTML code, as well as other editing options through the right-click context menu when writing in, f.e., comment boxes at websites that support such code being used in comments.
CS Lite -
It's an add-on for controlling cookie permissions and is apparently good, but while I have it installed, I haven't really made use of it, so can't give any opinion about it.
CsFire - a security add-on
I have it presently disabled and think it was an experimental add-on when installing it several or more months ago, but it's for protection "against dangerous or malicious cross-domain requests", like CSRF, Cross-Site Request Forgery. It might not still be in the experimental category and the concept sounds good, but I disabled it for no particular reason that I can recall and should look into what the user comments say about this now; and about whether it's still experimental, or not. The concept sounds good, but I'm not yet really knowledgeable about these types of Web dangers, so can't really say more about the add-on or concept of it.
ImTranslator -
It's an add-on for translating text in Web pages and it was well rated at Mozilla when I installed in several or more months ago. But I haven't needed to make use of it yet, so can't say more about it. There's an add-on for Google Translator, but I just go to the Google page for this, instead.
FoxyTunes - I disabled it to save on memory usage, but FT is apparently quite popular

Re. Session Manager (the replacement of SessionSaver)

SM apparently saves more session data than Tab Mix Plus (TMP) according to the description for SM, but I'm not sure what this means.

If TMP's Session Manager also permits saving more than two sessions and session windows to allow a user to accumulate saved sessions and windows that the user can then choose to restore when restarting Firefox; but maybe it has a relatively low limit for the number of sessions and windows that can be saved while the SM add-on doesn't or has a higher limit.

The description for SM says that it cleanly and correctly restores sessions after Firefox crashes, but I've had no problems with this ever since changing from Ffx 2.20 to 3.3 well over a year ago, if not two (shortly after 3.3 became available) and didn't install SM until yesterday. There've been very few crashes and the sessions all restored as they should. I've been using TMP's SM in place of Firefox's, but maybe it's SM also works correctly after crashes.

The description for SM says that it permits reopening closed tabs and windows, but TMP provides these features as well.

BUT, maybe what they both do works better with SM.

This last comment block is only to provide a little foreknowledge. All of these add-ons are definitely worth looking into.

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