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Default Privoxy: help wanted

I'm trying to get used to Privoxy.

The various instructions are quite "heavy" for a newbie. In this forum, Aqua has been (or still is) using Privoxy.

Right now, I'm using it "out of the box" with Chrome 5. I'd welcome advice on how to tailor the various files a bit more.

The official support forum for Privoxy here seems a bit forbidding.

Meanwhile, I am RTFM and the other documentation. (I hope I don't have to expand that as I had to for USP )
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I just came across this:

Should be quite helpful.

In edit:
Okay. Just went through both parts. Part 1 dealt with making a white-list and Part 2 dealt with locking it down by making entries in the registry.

I'm more interested in blocking content partially from certain sites. So the search continues ...

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Well, I was pleasantly surprised with the documentation that comes with Privoxy. At first glance, it seemed a bit stiff, but with just a little effort I've managed to get started.

The result is that I have (and need) just the one programme than does my ad blocking (at the download level) for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome, the three browsers on my PC. I have dispensed with maintaining the hosts file as well.

I haven't gone for any of the lists available but have complied my own based on my usage.

After an internet session, I look at the Privoxy log and pick up any urls that seem unnecessary and add them to my user.action file for blocking in future sessions.
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