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Default Opera bug?

I filed a bug report about this, and was wondering if any one else has had a problem with 10.51.

I recently updated from 10.10 and Opera has a problem finding its entry point. An error message pops up click it away and it pops up again and then Opera loads like nothing is wrong. The first time I thought it was a bad download or something so I uninstalled .51 reinstalled .10 and tried updating again some problem. So now I'm using 10.10 which has never given me a lick or trouble and keep clicking away any update notices. The only thing I haven't tried is a separate install which may be coming just to use 10.51 and figure out the changes that took place.

Today my brother tells me his Opera updated and now doesn't work at all. It has a title bar and tab bar and nothing else, no way to access and try to install more tool bars and make it usable. He use Vista and I use XP which may be the reasons for our different problems.

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10.51 is a major change over 10.10 so installing it afresh is recommended. Many people with custom setups had problems updating and that is why 10.50 was not pushed out via auto-update till update issues were resolved. However 10.51 was a security release so it had to be. It is recommended that you update by downloading and installing it in a fresh location. You should be able to export all your Opera 10.10 mail and settings and re-import them in 10.51 without any problems.(like I did)
I didn't understand your first issue at all. However I take it that Opera was failing to start. Please mention if installing it afresh works.
About the second issue, Opera has now disabled the menu bar by default and settings are accessed via the O-menu. You can re-enable the menu bar from that menu. Hopefully there's no confusion about that.
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I manually updated 10.10 to 10.50 to 10.51 (including a couple of beta builds in between). I experienced no major problems like the ones you describe. I did need to re-configure a few of my customizations along the way but nothing much.

As sa1 says, maybe your brother is confused by the new O-menu and default settings. Also, if he was using a custom skin, that may not be working properly under the new build?
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