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Originally Posted by Glenn James View Post
I'm trying Joobus at work, where it's actually quite convenient - as well as giving me those front page links, it also provides a quick way of accessing (rather than the local flavor). Of course, I could also do this by making my home page, but Joobus is kind of handy. A customizable version would be even better. As long as it doesn't have privacy issues (eg commercial profiling of individual users).
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Thumbs up Joobus

Hey Bob,

I just think Joobus is cool because it has everything I want as soon as I open my browser! It isn't customizable but it always has the best sites for each category and is updated as trends update.

Also Joobus Business is coming soon for us ppl who have to work! It will help us to increase our productivity and offering more top business sites...instead of just Facebook and Youtube !!!

Keep your eyes peeled its coming soon!

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This is sort of a reply and a topic drift at the same time. The answer is that I use internet based email ( in my case) and my home page is my inbox. The topic drift is that I don't use an email client on my computer and don't see any need to. I can move/store etc. all from my home page. If I get notification of email or want to send one it's there immediately without any extra clicks and, with a decent browser (Firefox in my case) set up properly, the bookmarks toolbar etc. can take me to anywhere I want. It's also a bit more secure from virus attacks and the like and one less program running on the PC. To my mind the home page should be the site you are most likely to use and (bearing in mind the Google search box and bookmark toolbar on my browser) my email page is the one for me.
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I had a look around for a googlable start page which would display my ip address and location.

I found this this ipinfo google start page.

(ipinfo also offers several other free ip address tools and security / privacy services)
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