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I was actually surprised when somebody else pointed this out to me. I was amazed how a small trick had made such a impact on my perception of performance. This is true for many people and people here should check for themselves and remove any biases they might have. This instant switching has some disadvantages too such as background tabs cannot be dragged out of focus. Today I only rely on the fact that the application should be responsive after hours of use and if you're not using IE, the speed differences among other browsers cannot be measured objectively by just human perception.
Offtopic perhaps but my two reasons for choosing Opera over Firefox was responsiveness after hours of usage and the fact that one among my 20+ addons was causing Firefox to crash consistently and I was too lazy to diagnose which one. Found that Opera had most of the functionality built-in. Only Lastpass bookmarklet was less convenient to use.

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Originally Posted by deya View Post
Maxthon is based on the IE engine but it's better than IE in every department, hands down. And according to Secunia PSI, unlike IE, Maxthon is securely patched. It's one of the most configurable browsers I've come across....
Hi Deya and Seniors here,

I do feel there should be a little more information on IE-based browsers because the sad reality is that there are not a few sites that need IE-type browsers. Gizmo has mentioned Avant and Maxthon. Based on Deya's comments, I'll give Maxthon a try first.

But I just came across something that gives the impression that IE 5 or IE 6 (I know there's IE8 now) is required to be on the PC
Maxthon is a multipage browser based on the Internet Explorer core (IE 5.x or IE 6.0 required).

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Continuing from my post above, what exactly is Maxthon if it requires the presence of IE on the PC? Their site now says that IE 6 is okay and IE 7 is preferable. So I feel that Maxthon is not a full browser in itself but somehow uses IE (6 or 7).
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Maxthon uses the Trident layout engine that is part of IE. As far as I know that is the only thing that the two share.
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