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Terarus 30. Jan 2010 01:28 AM

Lunascape v6
For those who havent been updated with Lunascape, their new version now allows you to integrate firefox addons into their browser.

Ritho 01. Feb 2010 07:22 PM

I would like to try Lunascape, but the silly people have not ported a Linux version yet., and I do 99% of my surfing from Linux.

MidnightCowboy 11. Jul 2010 09:20 PM

This browser was updated again just over a week ago and the new version now supports a lot more mozilla extensions (providing you choose to work with the Gecko engine). I don't use that many but NoScript and Adblock Plus work fine.
I can't get W.O.T. to display ratings for search results but it does install onto the toolbar and correctly rates individual sites with a click as you open them.

The developers have obviously put a lot of effort into this and now it's beginning to show. Not everyone needs to switch between Gecko, Trident and WebKit all day but if you do, well then here it is. Been trying all afternoon to break it and can't which is more than can be said for the latest Chrome clones.

Worth another look, even if you tried a previous version.
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I should add that (apart from the non-standard skin) this is quite a minimalistic setup. This is a hugely configurable browser and there's about another 100 buttons you can add to the toolbars if you're that way inclined :D

Anupam 12. Jul 2010 08:26 AM

WOW MC, you are still following this browser :D. Anyways, good to see positive changes in the software. But, the software seems to be heavy, I won't be trying it out.

MidnightCowboy 12. Jul 2010 12:12 PM

A fraction under 90MB on my system so it ain't exactly "light" but still compares nevertheless, and it certainly isn't heavy in use.

They've also refined the install process with a choice of installers. The "standard" installer (11 MB) loads Trident by default and then Gecko and WebKit at the initial use of each engine, and is recommended for slower internet connections. The "full" installer though contains the whole package in one box and is 34MB.

The crucial thing here for me is that these guys are listening to what folks want.
Considering the challenges and amount of work involved with bringing this from their native language into English (and now other languages), this demonstrates a high level of commitment.

deya 12. Jul 2010 01:24 PM

I downloaded the 'full' installer, installed it and it shows just over 123mb of used disc space, but it does run very light in terms of memory and CPU.

I've got AdBlock working fine, the WOT button on the toolbar is greyed out though, but for me the site rankings [icons] are showing correctly in the Google search results, including images. I got it to work after setting Google as the homepage. So WOT seems to be working in the opposite way for me to how it's working for you, MC. I've tried a couple of sites that I know to have a poor WOT rating and it blocks them.

I've got Gecko set as default engine and I've tried various settings adjustments but still no way can I get the WOT toolbar button to show any other colour than grey.

I've tried this browser [Lunascape] several times in the past, saw this thread today and decided to give it another go. It has advanced since last I tried it, I like it so I'll stick with for a bit and see how it goes because it's a good browser.

MidnightCowboy 12. Jul 2010 06:00 PM


Originally Posted by deya (Post 31931)
It has advanced since last I tried it, I like it so I'll stick with for a bit and see how it goes because it's a good browser.

No doubt I'll come under fire from some sources now :) but because this category is now vacant I've taken the opportunity to add Lunascape to the browser review page.

I'll try your workaround for WOT later and see how it works for me. Have to admit I'm really liking it. My wife asked me if I was OK after seeing the skin choice but apart from that, no problems :D

MidnightCowboy 12. Jul 2010 06:30 PM

Just to confirm that deya's idea is also working for me too. Set home page to Google and the WOT ratings show in search results. Nice gray doughnut icon in the toolbar still, but you can't have everything :D

deya 12. Jul 2010 08:48 PM

I've managed to get WOT working now, although the toolbar icon is still greyed out sometimes when I load the browser, but if I click through the rendering engines and back to Gecko it starts working. This seems to work better having run CCleaner before loading Lunascape for some reason. Not ideal but it's a minor thing for now. The WOT rankings work for search results in Bing, Ixquick, Ask, Yahoo etc, so I'm more than happy with that.

Also, if you use the Gecko drop down menu and select 'Extended Mode (Gecko)' you'll get Firefox within Lunascape, all the add-ons work the same, including WOT. Use the 'quick menu' at the far right and select 'large screen' or 'full screen' and it's Firefox. Mouse over above the tabs bar and the Lunascape toolbar re appears so you can change the settings back again. Very clever.

I know it's quite a large install, but it's running lighter and just as fast as FF or Opera for me. I've been using it, on and off when time has permitted, for most of today and haven't had one crash .. nothing. I'm impressed with this release, it's way better than before. Getting WOT to work is the icing on the cake for me, that's the clincher, and I like the right click option on the tabs, it even has a basic screen capture tool, plus mouse gestures as standard.

This to me is what a browser should be, you can configure 'til your heart's content so it should suit everyone. I really hope they keep up the good work in developing it more.

deya 12. Jul 2010 11:12 PM

Okay, just a couple of observations with the WOT issue. I can't really see that CCleaner can be the fix because Luna isn't supported, but maybe it's cleaning something in the temp files?

I've run Glary Utilities a couple of times after using and closing Luna, it turned up several [17 then 14] registry issues, all WOT related. Cleaned them up both times, started Luna and the WOT toolbar icon is green until the Google [homepage] loads .. then it goes grey again. Click through the rendering engines and back to Gecko [which is set as default] and it goes green and starts working every time.

Also, if I open and close Seamonkey [my default browser] clearing all private data on exit, then load Luna, the WOT icon works. Sounds odd, but if I do that it works.

I installed the Click&Clean add-on to Luna in an attempt to clean the data on exit but it knocked the WOT toolbar icon out .. just grey all the time again. Unistalled Click&Clean and it worked again, so maybe there could be add-on conflicts? The only other add-on I have in Luna is Adblock Plus, which is working well with WOT.

@ MC. I'm glad you updated this thread today because I believe this is a seriously good browser, one that will benefit me on a daily basis. Gizmo's strikes again .. so cheers for that.

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