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Exclamation Help with Vuze (Formerly Azureus)

Recently I changed my ISP to one that was more reliable. When I had the old ISP I used to optimize Vuze, and it worked amazingly. Now, with the new ISP, things are a bit different. I have to use static IPs on things that connect to my ethernet switch (which connects directly to the 'Radio' that provides me with the world wide web.)

The 'radio' connects to the switch, which connects to my Airport Express (and xbox 360, bluray, DVR if that makes any difference) My laptop then connects to the Airport.
Radio --> Switch --> Airport Express --> Macbook Pro

I can't seem to get the NAT-PMP to work correctly, when I go to canyouseeme and connect on port 49777 I get the error that no route could be found. I do know that port 49777 works, because I used it before I started trying to optimize my new internet, and it was fine.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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Just to make sure, Is NAT-PMP enabled in Vuze?

I am fairly certain that the switch does not have firewall capability, but I do not know much about the radio.
What is the make and model of the radio?
Did you get the radio from your ISP?

I am also confused by the static IP situation. Did you make a static IP for the Airport? your computer?

Who is your ISP?

49777 is fine for the port number.

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Wow. I feel like such an *****. I enabled UPnP but not NAT-PMP. Amazing how one checkbox can kill the whole operation. I now have an open connection on port 49777 and Vuze is downloading at over 210 kB/s (which is good because usually my internet connection is about 200 on average).

In case you're still curious:
I have no idea what the make or model of the radio is, it's up on the roof and other than that there's no components to it (there is a little tiny box that has power in, ethernet in, ethernet out right inside where the cable comes in, but that's just it's means of getting a power supply).
The radio was provided by my ISP, Pocket iNet.
As for the static IP situation, anything connected to the radio has to have a static IP starting at My Airport is, my xbox is, and so forth for each thing that connects directly to the radio via the ethernet switch.
My computer's IP address is assigned using DHCP.

Thank you for your help!
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That is good to hear. I'll take an easy solution any day.

Since you are clear, the radio is not an issue. Thanks for the info though, in case I run into it again. Sounds similar to satellite.

Since the time is before your reply here, I assume this other thread of yours is not a new issue
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