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Default I want to say 'no' to noscript

Hi, I joined to ask this question:

Unlike OP I'm comfortable with the sites I visit. I use WOT and Adblockplus .. but I am just done with NoScript. It is sort of unrealistic with today's web technology to analyze every flash object or instance of javascript or whatever else.

I am not likely to fall for a phishing scheme, I know how to check for certificates, I know how to check for a spoofed URL.. but for the love of God NoScript even configured to allow top level domains.. I need it out of my life. I've had to seek therapy even. My wife doesn't recognize me anymore, and I mutter 'XML' and 'clickjacking' in my sleep.

Kidding aside, what's the second best option?

Also, if NoScript is so important -- why is it not encouraged or deployed on Chrome or Opera?
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Opera has NoScript like option, to turn off the javascript on a webpage. But, if you do that, all the javascripts on the page will be turned off. Whereas, with NoScript, you can individually turn off a javascript, or flash etc. I find it very useful.
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And some people complain about firewalls! You could set it to allow scripts globally ("other security features, like Anti-XSS protection or Automatic Secure Cookie Management will still be effective").

Even if you trust JavaScript to be enabled everywhere (and you shouldn't), you can still use NoScript as an effective annoyance blocker.
To setup this "Annoyance Block" mode, you just need to:

1. Check NoScript Options|General|Temporarily allow top-level sites by default and select 2nd level domain
2. Check the NoScript Options|Embeddings|Apply these restrictions to trusted sites as well preference
Or it has an auto allow setting for sites opened from bookmarks. Now if only it had a list of known safe sites to trust!

This is from FAQ on its website:

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I personally feel a lot safer because I am protected by Noscript
and personally dont mind when Noscript blocks items in most pages
I go to . You ought to keep in mind that potential infection are all
over the net so I believe the developer of that addon is right when
the addon is designed to distrust every web page. This addon can
also be use for blocking Iframes and that is another reason to use it.
Try holding on to this addon , that is my recomendation to you since
it will help you stay clean .
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