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Default K-Meleon Firefox Comparison and History Reply to Thread

whocares I use, default SeaMonkey, K-Meleon, Google Chrome, Firefox, and IE 8. I didn't know the history and the deficiencies of the use of xul.

Even though K-Meleon doesn't have the huge number of extensions that Firefox has, it does have the necessary ones: adblockplus, clearflash, cookieculler, onlinelinkscan, wotratings, refcontrol, and policymanager.

I find the K-Meleon Addon Manager easier to use than the ones in SeaMonkey or Firefox. Since the other extensions I use are associated with research or writing K-Meleon has more than enough.

SeaMonkey is my default because it is a suite, with a calendar, Lightning, and handles my multiple email addresses, but K-Meleon my favorite because it is good, easy to operate, fast, and it searches from the url bar. I configured the Dictionary button in my word processor to open K-Meleon to the online dictionary I use as its home page.

Most folk of my acquaintance don't use multiple browsers (plus IE) so I recommend K-Meleon and they like it a lot, uninstall Firefox, and install K-Meleon.

For the old folk among kin and kith who are non technical I recommend SeaMonkey and they really like it, all they use in one application.

If I used only one browser it would be K-Meleon.

I want to second the suggestion that you write your history and comparison; it would be really helpful to me and others like me who aren't tech folk.

You also inspired me to search out the development and histories of the browsers I use and ones I don't.

Thank you.
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