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deya 15. Jan 2020 06:53 PM

The New Microsoft Edge
The new Microsoft Edge is out of preview and now available for download;

Upgrading to the new Microsoft Edge;

Available to download manually, or wait for it to come via Windows Update. The two articles linked to (above) explain it in detail.

I've installed it manually via the links provided. It will replace the old Edge browser on your Win10 PC. I don't use sync, so had to re-install extensions and import my bookmarks manually. Basically set up the browser from scratch, which was my intention and also manually uninstalled the Beta version I've been using.

No problems. It's a good browser and I've been using the Beta and Canary versions since their launch without any problems.

For anyone who doesn't want to bother reading the above linked pages and just wants to download the New Edge, here's the link to the download page;

Finally, MS have a decent browser to go with their OS.

danielson 16. Jan 2020 02:30 AM

With all the time (and money) they spent catching up with Chromium - maybe Edge could have been a decent alternative browser by now. I mean, it still opens and surfs mighty fast! Just needed a few extensions...

Looks like the effort to get us all into the same coral is doing good.

deya 16. Jan 2020 07:12 PM

Took them a while to realise that they weren't really getting anywhere with the original Edge, which wasn't that bad of a browser anyway. Now they've moved over to Chromium I think more people will start to use it. They have their own extensions page for the new Edge, plus you can install them from the Chrome Store as well so it shouldn't be a problem for people to install what they need.

And as yuanyasmine has pointed out, it's cross platform so even better. It's a good browser, I've set it as my default now. Once they enable Collections in the Stable version and one or two other things you can use in the Canary version at the moment it'll be even better. They have the money and resources to throw at it so updates and keeping up with the latest builds will be no problem.

They provide decent security for the OS now, all that was needed was for it to come with a good browser and now it has one. I know people like to put the boot into Windows 10 and that's fine but for me, personally, it's the best OS I've used. Chrome Edge just helped to make it better.

danielson 16. Jan 2020 08:29 PM

Chrom-Edge and Win10 are (given the impending modifications) excellent choices.

It's just sad to see everything slowly but surely heading towards Chrome.
What is they discovered something wrong someday, big time with this basic "motor"?
Where will the options be then?

deya 17. Jan 2020 12:38 AM

I agree. It is sad to see everything heading towards Chrome. First its was Presto in Opera, a sad loss indeed to many people and now, according to what I've read, Mozilla are firing staff to save money. Although how a company that rakes in so much money per year can justify that is odd to say the least but nevertheless, it's a worry and it wouldn't be good for Firefox to not survive.

Chrome Edge is good and I have no problem in setting it as default, for now. Because ultimately for me it depends on how they handle Manifest V3, and this goes for all browsers. Who adopts it, who doesn't .... time will tell but it will be interesting to observe and whichever browser (if any) doesn't adopt it, that's the one I'll use. Hopefully that will be plural, in which case I'll still have a choice and which is why I have Brave installed and use a lot - Opera is still there but my trust in them is waning of late. Firefox? who knows? That's a conversation for another day.

Microsoft have developed a very good browser, a secure one and also one with privacy options;

.... and one with the promise of more features to come so see how it develops. It will certainly be interesting to see how much their share of the market increases.

deya 12. Feb 2020 01:12 PM

Edge Stable updated to Version 80.0.361.50. I was wondering how frequently they would update the browser, also how quickly they would follow the latest Chrome updates, and just came across this;

'It looks like Microsoft plans to update its Chromium-based Edge browser at about the same pace Google updates its Chrome browser' ...

So maybe that answers it. Still using it, managed to activate the Collections feature with a bit of tweaking and it works fine. Also, the latest version of Wise Disk Cleaner now supports cleaning Chrome Edge - and also Brave, which is good;

So far, everything included with this browser is good for me - the immersive reader, translation, extensions and now collections etc. Not having the speed dial (Opera) took a bit of getting used to but I've now got used to that so it's all good.

deya 28. Feb 2020 11:24 AM

Protecting users from potentially unwanted applications... ;

Burn-IT 28. Feb 2020 10:57 PM

I notice they are pretending that this is a new idea.
PUPs Potentially Unwanted Programs have been around for many years and anyone with any experience at all will be aware of them and made sure they protect against them.
Several major software download sites have been found guilty of including them, along with malware, when providing a supposedly secure service.

deya 29. Feb 2020 10:09 AM

Yes, anyone with any experience should be able to protect against them. I suppose it's for the users who don't have that same amount of knowledge and experience so, if enabled, it's not a bad thing.

Block potentially unwanted apps is not enabled by default in Edge though, you have to switch it on manually via the settings. You also have to have Microsoft Defender SmartScreen enabled for it to work, which in turn means you also have to be using MS Windows Security as your AV.

So if they're trying to protect inexperienced users maybe it should all be enabled by default, but then that would have people who want to use third party security up in arms about competition, freedom of choice etc.

All they can do is try by offering it. It's there if you feel you need it, which can't be a bad thing. But by not having it enabled by default, it's not protecting the users that it's probably aimed at.

Panzer 17. Mar 2020 09:53 AM

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